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Doug's Tit Teasing Page

It is rarely less than a pleasure to take a nice pair of breasts and bind, stretch, slap, squeeze, clamp, beat or otherwise tease and torture them. The range of treatments available is huge of course, varying from mild slapping, through caning, tight binding, piercing, clamping the nipples, stinging with nettles, saline injections .. all kind and manner of manipulation from slight erotic pain through to severe and very painful abuse.

I've know many women who love to have this kind of attention paid to their breasts. Tastes vary widely of course and the severe treatment that's being doled in in some of the videos and pictures you can find online is strictly for seasoned and experienced Masochists; even so, you might be surprised to know just how many people are some way along the road to desiring and enjoying moderate to severe breast play. The size isn't important. I haven't met a woman yet who is entirely pleased with the size or shape of her tits but all of them have something to offer. Tiny breasts give me the chance to concentrate her nipples without distraction whilst large or monstrous tits are nearly always impressive once they have had the bindings applied.

Sometimes the play can be mostly softer and concentrating on the erotic, where the breasts are bound, squeezed and nipple clamps applied, other times it can be much harsher. Remember that whilst many girls enjoys some mild to moderate discomfort now and again in play, only a select few will ever grow to enjoy or yearn for the feel of a needle entering their flesh, even though it is actually less painful than it looks. The videos and pictures of breast skewering that you can find on the web have wide circulation but it's way out of proportion to the small number of very extreme practitioners who have ever done it once, even fewer daring to repeat it regularly. You are much more likely to find girls who are turned on by suction and pumping than the harder forms of play.

A girl that undergoes training with me can expect to have her breasts made a focus of attention. I enjoy binding with rope since I like the aesthetic effect and will train the girl to wear constricting bands around the base of the breast (uncomfortable but tolerable) and tight bands around the nipples (painful) for periods of acclimitisation and when I want to make a display of her. Most of the time the play is in private and I like to vary the treatment and styles of play. Acknowledged slaves will be pierced with rings through the nipples and a tag of ownership applied but that only occurs a long way into the relationship.

As a matter of regular procedure when I'm working with a girl I will bind her breasts to my taste; the base of the breast tightly constrained so that the body is forced forwards and out so that it balloons and becomes very tight within the skin. I love to see breasts that are squeezed in this way, starting to turn purple and swelling. Following that, the nipples need to be stretched until they too swell and then elastic bands can be put around them to clamp and squeeze them too. Once the breasts (the bigger the better) have been properly arranged, she will be required to wear a clinging and more or less transparent top then follow me out in public so that the eyes of others can enjoy the effect of extraordinarily prominent breasts with hard erect nipples jutting forwards. The transparency of the top is best chosen so that it is not entirely obvious what is happening, yet those in the know can tell. For private parties of course, the top will be omitted altogether or be entirely see-through. The dressed-for-display pages may give you some ideas on that; alternatively one of my favourite forms of cladding is transparent latex as found in the fetishwear section..

When time permits I can see this part of the site expanding to a whole section of its own. The various treatments and techniques are wide and varied and I hope to do more research and writing before long.

Severe Breast Torture

Choosing to be involved in the erotic pain that severe breast torture can cause is a serious decision. It requires dedication and a real act of will from the woman and a seasoned, experienced and self-disciplined Master. I enjoy most forms of breast manipulation and enjoy pushing my sub to see how far she can go. I've known two girls who were almost without limits, for whom it was also a pleasure to find out how far their bodies could be taken. We started with the usual forms of breast attention but it quickly moved forward - from severe caning and bruising (though they aren't my pictures you might care to look at some of the pictures in the "severe" link below), on to piercing first with small needles and then graduating up the scale. My committed masochist friend would orgasm when her nipple was burned with a cigar tip; something I had never encountered before.

When I was convinced that she was ready for it I started to experiment with more and more severe breast torture. As she proved herself able to cope with pins stuck into the breast, I decided that we would take our play in a direction guaranteed to test her limits.

I started by describing to her how I would bind her breasts tightly and cane them while she was bound wide-legged and unable to move. I would then push needles into the circle around each areola, seven in all, then in the spaces in between, dab a cigarette tip glowing brightly, each burn interspersed with a whipping of her stomach, thighs and pussy. Letting her sit in pain for a while I would then enter her with my cock and whilst inside her, slowly slide a darning needle in from her nipple right through the breast until only the tip of the needle was showing, then repeat it with the other breast.

She was both terrified by the description and very aroused. When the time came to carry it out, she was trembling, breathless, deadly pale - and her pussy was soaking wet. I took my time carrying out each step. I lost count of the orgasms she had as the process unfolded, but I must say that the way her pussy grabbed my cock when the first large needle entered her breast through the nipple spoke volumes. She was screaming at the top of her voice and cumming simultaneously. The second needle has just as much effect as the first. When I looked at her bleeding breasts, with a porcupine of needles sticking out around each nipple, twitching as her heart beat, I came harder than I think I have ever come before.

The effect on her as the needles were pulled out of her nipples were almost as dramatic as when they went in. Each nipple bled for a while afterwards but the healing process was surprisingly quick. She was not only ready for a second session only a week later, but she managed to gather the nerve to ask for it.

She was eventually able to tolerate meat skewers (small ones) pushed directly through the body of each breast. I was deeply impressed and have never met another girl like her since.

These other nice pictures from my collection show the kinds of things that I enjoy.

gothic pleasure



ideal for the cane

small are fun too

Self Torture

I'm well aware that a lot of my readers may think that talk of obtaining erotic pleasure from breast torture is hokum; something rooted in male fantasy and nowhere near what real women think or feel. To put you straight, here's a lightly edited conversation I've had with 'L' who wrote to me to share her thoughts and some of her pictures. She's one of many who love these sensations so much that, lacking a suitable partner, she inflicts the treatment on her own breasts. This situation is much, much more common than is widely recognised and one of the safe ways for a woman to have her play but without taking the inevitable risks of putting herself in the hands of someone she doesn't know and can't trust. Here are some of her pictures, then her thoughts.

In public


Swelling well

Ready for needles

Pain and pleasure

'L' wrote:

"Here are some pics that I've taken when playing solo. Mainly bound, beaten and bruised, using canes, metal rulers, crops. I've included one of a sandpaper and tabasco sauce session as well.

As for needles, I've experienced some needle play when playing with a friend. Adored it! I've not yet had the nerve to use them alone, though I have ambitions to look down on my tits, bristling with needles. That will happen, I've someone who is happy to guide me as and when. I guess like many solo playing masos I just need encouragement and confidence.

I also use weights, clamps, ice and wax. I like to go outside tightly bound. It's a big thrill seeing how people react to the size and shape of bound tits when they are covered by everyday clothes.

I apologise for the quality of some of the photos, but when one is in the middle of play, hands shaking with delight at the pain are my excuse!"

I've just downloaded a few skewering clips from your site and had to bind mine up - just couldn't help myself. I love binding them tightly. The sensation of tightness is so erotic. The darkening skin colour - wonderful. Sometimes I just want them to split from the tightness. I've been suspended on my toes by them, that was excellent. I'm a bit too hefty for a safe full suspension. Binding them hard and attaching the cords either side of a door handle and then kneeling down and leaning back is one I do sometimes. It can get quite hypnotic. I've trained myself to be able to take all of my kneeling weight on my tits this way. It also leaves hands free to cane, beat or wax them.

Binding for me, can be an end in itself or a prelude, building up, preparing my tits for more. A good binding can get that yearning ache started. I use all sorts of cords, ropes, to tie them also jubilee clips, cable ties, electrical flex. I really love the feel of hemp rope, it's so scratchy.

[needle play ... ] There is a sort of conflict between playing solo and playing with a partner. With a partner I can totally abandon myself to the glorious sensation. When flying solo I have to hold back a bit. Mainly due to the thought, skill that it takes to administer the pain I like. Sometimes it can be hard to hurt them as much as I need. Ideally I'd like to get into some needle play with some guidance. It was so exquisite when it was done to me - needles under the areola and then a cross of two needles through the nipple tips as the finale to a long bound, weighted and caned session. My fantasy is to be skewered deeply.

As for combining my love of tit pain with sex - too damn right. I've been lucky to have some very good experiences that way. I would be keen to try being pierced during sex. I've been caned, whipped and waxed during. I guess I don't separate masochism and sex. For me they are part of the whole thing. Pain in my tits is an immense arousal for me. I'm also happy to work on other tits. I like womem.

[I mentioned breast slapping to her] Slapping! - yay! whilst bound too, warms them up brilliantly. I love the burn of tabasco sauce smeared over my sanded nipples. Hands plunged into iced water applied as the tabasco burn fades sends me shrieking into orgasm. As for wax, combining the heat of wax and the chill of ice is fabulous. From one extreme to the other - fabulous stuff. I tend to use waxing towards the end of a session, when my tits are really going - fired up and ragingly sore/achey etc. A fine drizzle of wax over a swollen nipple can make me cum hard. I've also been known to orgasm just from breast torments.

There's another small trick I learned last year - using a still very hot, but just switched off light bulb and tapping in on the nipple tip. The guy I was playing with at the time was aiming to get me to work with a switched on bulb. I managed to get to about 2 seconds endurance with a switched off bulb during our play. It leaves tiny blisters, that are sore for a couple of days afterwards. That's another thing I enjoy, the after pain. I like it to last.

Another thing I would like to try is some nipple and clit pumping. I've been trying to get hold of a Chinese cupping kit, containing a selection of cup sizes, but to no avail so far. They look to be the most efficient way of doing it. I've had some breast pumping at a play party - it was great - huge pyrex cylinders and a powerful hand operated gun to vacuum the air out. I'd like to work on my nipples to make them bigger, so binding is easier and of course to display them more when I go out tied up.

I'm a 40 D bust. As you can probably tell from the pictures, they aren't terribly symmetrical. One points downwards. But they do tie up well.

I also heard from 'D' who said:

Thanks for the interest in the shots. I understand the interest in what was happening at each one. Sometimes hard to remember - I was a little occupied and distracted at the time!

'Bruises' is from September 2001 - a little while ago. I was in a long distance relationship with a guy in Boston. Walter was my Master, as best as he can be from such a distance. This was a beating I gave myself imagining he was holding the cane. It suited my submission personality and the marks were lovely for both of us. With Walter I also cut his initial into my nipple over a series of weeks. After each cut I would then rub tabasco into the marks for the lovely burn. Also tried to "tattoo" the initial by rubbing ink in but it was not effective.

Unfortunately we broke up in December of 2001 having never met in person.

'Marks' - Not great quality but this is the after affect of my first meeting with my current Master, Kerry in 2002. This was beatings, slappings, tied up and caning. While I do not like the beatings especially I do enjoy the submission to let him do these things. I prefer nipple play and bondage more than the "standard" spankings.

My years of solitary play has always involved nipple play - very rarely is my clit involved. Each session normally starts with pegs being placed over my clit so that I cannot rub too early. I have used in the past - pegs, sand paper to remove the top layer of skin, candle wax on nipples and clit, stapler (squeezing the nipple between each plate), little claw type things from drycleaners with a series of sharp spikes over all edges, fold back clips and alligator clips with teeth. Weights attached to the alligator clips to help pull them off with the resultant scratches. Thumb tacks with masking tape holding them in place. I have superglued thumb tacks to my nipples and then gone shopping. I have used tabasco sauce on my clit and arse. I have glued lots of thumb tacks to an old bra with special emphasis and lots of tacks on each nipple. A belt wrapped around and pulled tight is lovely with the bra. I have used heaters to burn my nipples as well as light globes as mentioned by someone on your site.

When I have requested some more ideas on various sites I have got some great idea which I am yet to put into place. These are letting the nipple get real sunburned, capturing a mosquito in a glass over the nipple and allowing it to sting. Also stinging nettles if one can find them.

I have always been a little careful when I play and allowing Kerry to control it now helps to extend my boundaries so that we play with the piercings.

Because of my work I cannot do too much in public but I can exercise my exhibitionist side on Yahoo on the cam. Sometimes I just show and sometimes I play on cam - depends on the audience. I cannot have nipple rings showing under clothes but I do fantasise about coming home on Friday and being pierced for the weekend, having them removed for the working week and then being pierced again on the next Friday and so on. Sort of half play piercing and half permanent piercing. We will also pierce my pussy lips with three sets of rings as our relationship deepens. This will also involve them being tied with a fine chain and small lock for which Kerry will have the only key.

We also play with breast and nipple pumping and binding both breasts and nipples. Last year we played with forced lactation which I was able to do with certain medications and a breast pump bought especially. The boys on Yahoo loved the lactation!

A series of four pics is from a bit of breast bondage. Not super tight but still pinking up quite nicely. I love the feel of the tightness of the binding - makes them so so hard and sensitive. Slapping and beatings mark so much better and feel great. I would be giving Kerry head after being bound and he would slap and pinch me as sucked. I have taken great interest in your instruction pages on giving head!

Beating me as I give head is a favourite - so submissive for me - especially if I am wearing my collar. Arses come in for some treatment as I kneel in front of him.

Then you have first experience with pins. I was tied to the bed. The pins are short map pins about a centimetre long.

Very nervous but trusted my Master. The pins are a little thick but did not hurt as much as they might look. But once they are in it is great - the sensation is hard to describe. Moving them and squeezing the nipple around them is such a feeling. Having them pushed directly into the tip of my nipple was the best part and it was fabulous to look down and see them deep into the nipple surrounded by the others. As more and more go into the nipple they hit each other on the way in making the sensation even more incredible.

They are not something I can do myself though - I need someone else to push them in - but then I can play with them quite happily.

















Early in 2006 she wrote to me again:

"You may enjoy these shots of some play today. After stripping naked I closed the street level curtains in my bedroom and had some play with callipers, cable ties, flower arranging spikes and some pins. "Unfortunately" I came as I was forcing a pin in so it did not last as long as I would like and no shots of the pins.

The flower arranging spikes are great fun - heavy metal sharp spikes - such fun.

I use the callipers to pull the nipples out - they have been sharpened so that they have a great bite. Especially when it is just one more quarter turn every now and again.

I have also lost 18kg since the previous photos so my boobs have shrunk along with the rest of me :("












And more again in June:

A few more play pictures for you. I tend not to play so much in the winter months as it is just too cold to get naked as much. But I did today.

Started by using mouse traps on my nipples but one kept falling off so that nipple got a fold back clip as 'punishment'. I read the latest Agent Provocateur online newsletter with the trap and clip in place. Lots of sexy ladies in little clothing.

As it is cold I decided that one way to warm me up was to use some Tabasco sauce. I used a cotton bud to dab some of the sauce on my clit which I had trapped in a peg. I then used the bud to paint my pussy lips, pussy and arse. I got a couple of tampons and dripped the sauce over those and shoved one up my arse and the other in my pussy. Using the Tabasco sauce is certainly the play that keeps on playing - I am still glowing.

With my pussy and arse burning from the sauce I then headed to the pins. One way of holding them in place is to use some tape first. Still not able to push them in all the way - maybe next time you are here you can do it to me.

I really did try hard to push them in but just doesn't seem to work so well when it is just me. But the feel of them on the outside of my nipple is still great. I then removed the tape on one so I could give it a try pushing. So hard and got them in a little but I want the head of the pin to be at skin level with a centimetre of pin in me!

Generally played on my bed lying face down so they pushed in and rolling onto my back - one hand on my clit and one pushing pins as I rubbed and rubbed and came.

Still burning from the sauce - got any ideas for other burning substances? I would have to take you in the mouth unless you also wanted your dick burning as well, if it was in my pussy or arse (mmm or both!







There is a gallery of hard breast play available for you to browse if you wish.