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Rôle Play in the training of Sluts

This article was written by a contact of mine called Hugh - he has an interesting approach and this introduction describes techniques he has employed over many years to deepen the erotic content of his relationships with women who need to cast off their inner shackles and breathe free as sexual beings. This is an extremely important topic in the process of slut-training and I intend to add my own comments to this page later; possibly expanding it considerably. At the moment, here is Hugh's suggestions to get you started.

Erotic Role Play by Hugh

I’m responding to an invite from Doug to write a few words about Role Play. Being a psychologist (now a retired older one) I have used role play in many settings for many purposes. Following Doug’s example I’ll write about role play as a means to advance a partner into more intense sex. Mostly it’s the girl. Be clear that role play can only possibly work where there is mutual consent. She has to desire better sex too! Try her on this question. “Do you think that sex for sex sake is a worthy, legitimate, and proper enterprise for human beings?”

Put the question in your own words. If her answer wanders too far from “Yes!” and if you doubt she’s easily educable, then you have a hard road to hoe. Not perhaps impossible but difficult. Until proven otherwise I assume there’s a SLUT, latent or not, in every woman! Role play in this context is all about enjoying sex for sex sake and bringing out the SLUT in her - and probably you too!


She: “A votre service, m’sieur?”

He: “Ah! Well, you see . . .”

She: “I speak the English! You will come with me . . yes?”

He: “I . . . I guess. How much?”

This scene, in which she models a hooker, can either be an initiation to think and feel outside the box and/or it can be a learning process where she simulates actual hookers. Those are the two chief aims of role play: thinking and feeling outside the box and learning what to do.

The mechanics are to permit oneself to act out being someone else; therefore, “not being one’s own self.” You must not drag along all your personal and cultural baggage, and all the inhibitions and prohibitions that many are still brought up on. If these are slight then you are lucky and can go on to focus on the educational aspects of role play.

“Of course,” one can imagine a girl saying to herself, “I’d never be a real life hooker! But . . . I wonder what it would be like.” You, the man, acting as her conductor into the erotic life, encourage all such thoughts. You may say that hookers only exist due to hordes of men all over the world finding them sexy, desirable, accessible, available, and needful. Tell her that role playing a hooker is a way for her to be more sexy, desirable, accessible, available, and needful to you.

Be honest! Role play is not deception! Rather role play is a way to self-actualize through information and insight. If she ways, “so you want me to be a hooker?” You say, “Yes! I’d like you to act like one. The best are sex professionals and know very well how to allure and satisfy a man.”

This particular role play is very open to progression from one stage to the next. Take her to see actual hookers. Tell her to note what they wear, how they make-up, do their hair or wear wigs, how they stand and pose themselves, how they move and gesture, how they solicit men, etc. You and/or she will then buy her the clothes, either in a sex shop or from Internet catalogs. Check out Sexy Costumes on the Internet. You’ll be astounded at what’s out there! A favorite is a skimpy Head Nurse costume. Oh, boy! That can lead to a fabulous hour or two of imaginative role play!

Negative Role Modeling

The scene: a public space, perhaps a café or a museum.

He: “Pardon me; it’s so crowded here. Are you having a good time?”

She: (thinking - Oh, shit! Another pick up artist!) “No! Not one bit, thank you very much!” She moves on quickly. This kind of role play is a way to teach a girl (I’ll say a girl but it may be a guy) that when she is so armored against possibilities she is defeating herself with self-inflicted wounds. Alternatively she may be bitchy, intent on being disdainful of others. I recommend the movie Swept Away in which a young woman finally understands that her nasties only cause nasties in others. Though the movie is farfetched many react to it strongly: “I must never be like her; thanks be she got her come-uppance; finally she seems to have learned something.”

Try another movie, Brief Encounter. Brief Encounter occurs in the cultural milieu of England 60 years ago (love those old steam engines on the railways!), but the conflict is ever with us. At its core is a passionate affair between two married people. The issue is what one is willing to give up, or to pay, to fulfill romantic needs. Generalize that issue out to whatever your dilemma may happen to be; and you can replace romantic with sexual needs if that’s your issue. If a girl finally decides she cannot extend out to where you wish her to be then, for better or for worse, you need to go along with her. That’s what happens in Brief Encounter and it’s a real tear jerker. Always remember that lying under any Brief Encounter are the real lives of real people.


Fantasy works in two ways; first just as fantasy, second as a door opener. If you are a girl why not be the fairy at the bottom of the garden? You can do the age shift, in itself a form of role play. It’s the kind of outreach that budding actors are put through in Method Acting. It’s not so much to actually be that identity as to find within oneself the bits of you that resonate with it.

When I’m helping a girl to prep, from bathing to putting on false eyelashes, my favorite persona is François. He’s gay and French and rattles on in broken franglais. Among other things I can be pretty sure the girl will laugh and in the process I can continue her education about men and sex besides bringing her a glass of champagne.

A great mix of fantasy merging into reality are the fantastic tales (and recent movie, actually the latest of many) of Baron Munchausen. A tag line says: “Remarkable. Unbelievable. Impossible. And true!”

Here’s a possible trial balloon for you.

The Baron All right, my dear, I’m going to fly you to the moon!

She (either a Duchess or a serving wench)

Oh! Oh! And how might you do that?

The Baron In my flying machine! Here it is! This is your seat.

She That’s my seat! With those straps!

The Baron For your safety, my dear! (He twirls his mustache!) You must be strapped in!

She Strapped in!

The Baron Oh! I have delicate soft silken ropes if you prefer!

She Those sound rather nice! And no harm will come to me?

The Baron He enters into one of his discourse as he starts to secure her in a chair.

“Ah! Life is full of risk and some harm. They’re unavoidable. To live a life without risk and life’s necessary pains is only to live on the veneer of existence. One never truly knows anything until one has tried it. Now, for instance, my friend, Dr. Mesmer, has ladies hold onto those electric magnetic handles until their whole body is in a frisson, like blood returning to a stiff limb. The ladies say the thrill is unimaginable and cures every ill they have! So you see, my dear, . . . ”

With a bit of imagination you can transfer the scene to modern day space flight or to a sci fi scene in the future.

In writing this I’m not trying to describe a universal panacea but a means to an end for certain people who need to find wormholes out of their space into a more liberated one. If you’re a solid realistic type. Fine! Go ahead being solid and realistic. However if you find the left brain alone is a poor guide to satisfaction and happiness then try role play.