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Sharing and Swinging

There are so many different ways of enjoying your feedom of sexual expression that there is no excuse for getting jaded or thinking "What shall we do tonight?". One particularly popular area is swinging (which I will write about later) where both partners take an equal stance and enjoy themselves with action ranging from soft swinging, which involves petting and flirting with strangers or friends but not having sex with them, through to full swinging where partner swapping and group fucking is common. But more about that later.

This section starts off by looking at a specialised area, prompted as usual by some of my postbag. My regular readers will know that I enjoy the company of girls who aren't afraid to enjoy their sexuality and like it or not, nature made it possible for a woman to fuck dozens of guys non-stop whilst the male of the species isn't constructed that way. It's a waste not to make use of the female's special talent and to spread some happiness but society in general frowns upon women who are brave or sensible enough to do something about it. I, of course, applaud and encourage it but we few who do are in the minority.

Lots of men and nearly all women who haven't thought hard about it will usually believe that men are jealous creatures tempted to fly into a rage if another man so much as looks at 'our' female. The unenlightened male, particularly the stupid ones (i.e. by far the majority) do react that way, but there are smarter ones around if you bother to look for them. Many men, far from being angered or prompted to fits of violence at the the thought of their girlfriend fucking another guy, are aroused by it instead. Some get turned on by it - if you like watching women you don't know having sex, it's even hotter if it is someone you fuck regularly yourself - others find it a power trip to have her do it for their enjoyment, still others harbour secretly submissive urges to do with cuckoldry, some find that it calls out to their bisexual side, enjoying licking the cum out of her afterwards: in truth, there is any number of reasons. The reasons are less important than the outcome, if he enjoys seeing her fucking other guys, why shouldn't both she and he have the pleasure of it?

I often receive emails from women worried that their boyfriends or husbands are encouraging them to dress provocatively or slutty, afraid that it means they aren't 'nice girls'. They get alarmed to hear their boyfriend saying that it would turn him on if she encouraged other guys to flirt with her and they get very concerned or afraid when he says he wants her to fuck other men. Does he no longer love you? Doesn't he value you any more? After all, you think that he should turn aggressive and jealous that the thought of it. But if you believe that, you misunderstand him. Instead it often means that he finds you erotic and exciting and realises that giving other men the pleasure of your body makes him bigger, stronger, more powerful in many ways than if he kept you all to himself. And girls, for God's sake - this is a heaven-sent opportunity. Not only do you get lots more cock this way, he will like you all the more for it. I'm amazed that women don't cotton on to this and actively seek out these remarkable men. It's likely that by fucking other guys (and getting the pleasure that comes from that) you will turn him on so much he'll fuck you a lot more too. If ever there was a win-win situation, this has to be one of the best.

Changing Attitudes

Whilst an enlightened woman will gradually realise the truth behind what I've just said, so many are preprogrammed to believe the opposite that it can take you a long to time to bring her round to reality. Maybe half the men I know admit that they would be aroused to see their wives or girlfriends fucking another guy, but they just don't know how to tell her. And here you have to be cautious. You can't try a gentle and disguised start-off by saying that you'd like to see her fucking another girl (even though I know you would) because that's such a cliché.

You have to know her well and be patient. If she's already convinced then you don't need to be reading this page but if she isn't then maybe I can offer some tips.

I get tired of saying that there is NOT one way. You have to know her and know how she thinks before you start the process and you have to judge what's going to be right for her. It's possible that she finds the thought of girl-on-girl sex exciting, which would give you a strong hint, or maybe she will make a comment which gives you the chance of letting her know you wouldn't mind. It's utterly impossible to tell you exactly how to do this. You will have to think about it and maybe try a number of strategies. In all likelihood it will take a long time to move her down the path.

If she has exhibitionist tendencies or doesn't object too strongly to wearing dangerous and revealing outfits, encourage her. If she is a good flirt, encourage her. If she has an eye for an attractive guy, encourage her. You may begin to see a pattern here! Take the path of least resistance and encourage her as she takes it. She may be frightened of what you think about her for doing it - you will have to be very supportive during the early stages no matter which approach you take. The mistake a lot of men take is to go too fast to far. Set a realistic objective: "In two years time she will be regularly fucking a small number of guys while I watch her". Don't try to get there too fast and almost certainly, if you really want it to be for the long haul, give her some breaks. Don't relentlessy whine on about it, just be patient, warm, supportive and encouraging.

Remember that she will be very confused sometimes. Does it mean you don't love her if you want her to fuck other guys? You will have to tell her that you will admire her and love her even more - that you want her to be so happy that you feel that the pleasure she gets from the other men will make you proud and happy too. Boys, it can be done. Here's a short potted history of how one of my correspondents went about the process. I've pieced the story together from a number of emails so it's in my words more than his, but the story is as he told it.

My Wife and Other Men

My wife is ten years younger than me and is one of the hottest things I've ever seen. I still don't know how I pulled her, but we met in a club where she had a dozen guys hanging around her drooling and I just asked her if she wanted a drink. I had to ask her again because I didn't believe it when she said yes.

From the first day I fucked her, I knew that she would be great with other guys and groups but I didn't know how to approach it. I mentioned it in passing a few times and she didn't seem to react so well but gradually we made something of a joke of it. She knew that I wouldn't mind but I didn't think she was keen to do it and I didn't want to frighten her by forcing the issue.

We drifted into a bit of a rut. We fucked regularly but it wasn't quite as hot as it used to be and I started talking to Doug after reading his website. Between us we discussed the idea of introducing rôle playing into our relationship and I decided to give it a try. She always liked dressing up to go out, she's a bit of a showoff so I told her by surprise one night that at the weekend we were going to go out and I wanted her to be as bold as she dared and then some more. I said I'd have a surprise for her.

I said that I had to go out and I'd call to pick her up, all dressed up. I booked a restaurant and hired a pimp outfit from a theatrical costumier and rented a stretch limo with a driver. The car drove around the corner to our house and I rang from my mobile to say that she was being picked up. She was astonished by the car and really knocked back when she saw how I was dressed. As her mouth opened I said "Shut up ho, tonight you is my baby". To her credit she realised what I was doing and entered into the spirit of it. You can't believe the looks we got that night. Everyone thought that she was a hooker - she was dressed the part - and that I must be her pimp. We had a great time and when she got into the limo to go home, I couldn't wait - I pushed her down on the back seat, pushed her legs open and fucked her then and there, harder even than the first time we did it. When we got home we were both frantic, it was brilliant. Maybe it did cost me a few hundred pounds, but it was worth it. She was SO turned on, she told all her friends and I got better sex for months afterwards than if I'd spent thousands on hookers.

That started the ball rolling and we came up with several games to play after that. Sometimes it was pimp and hooker, other times headmaster and schoolgirl (I swear that when she dressed as a schoolgirl I could hear zips popping in the bars and clubs we went to), other times I was the boss and she was the secretary desperate for promotion. Every time we played like that, she got hotter and hotter.

Eventually one night I took her out as the hooker and surprised her by having a friend of mine in the restaurant too. This time round I'd told her to get dressed and meet me there. She definitely didn't expect to see two of us at the table. I introduced her to him by saying, "Oh, and by the way, I've hired a tart for the night - do you like her"?

Naturally he replied with a yes, and she was so used to playing the game that she didn't think to react differently. She could clearly tell that there was a different dynamic when several times during the meal I told he he'd have the use of her as a favour, but she kept playing along. I gave her plenty to drink and she got very bubbly. She didn't react too badly when I brought him back for a nightcap and, well, I think by the time I told her to strip and have us both she was ready for it. I sent him home after all three of us had had a good time.

In the morning she was worried and asked what I thought about her. I told her that it had turned me on and made me remember why I loved her. It was the start of a lot of fun and now she enjoys fucking other guys for me regularly. And I can tell you that I am a very, very popular man with my group of friends, some of them have returned the compliment to me too with their own girls.


Jennifer wrote to me with the following enjoyable account. Her photo (face obscured since she daren't be recognised) can be seen on the right. What a fabulous bust!

'Hi Doug! I have dark brown hair with blond streaks, I'm in very good shape I'm 5'7" 32G-25-35. My husband Mark and I had been married for 15 years when he started dropping hints about having another join us, he even started getting adult movies showing wives and strangers and the husband watching or joining in. After about 6 months of this going on we were going out dancing and drinking one Friday night, we got a baby sitter for the kids (Beth one of the the girls from next door) and we went out.

We had a lot of fun and a good bit to drink; we both worked up a good sweat, my sheer white blouse was starting to cling to me and my sheer half-cup White lace bra was showing through the blouse. We had several guys and a few girls eyeing us most of the night and my husband asked if I would like to take one of them home for more fun and I thought about it for a moment or two and I said sure it sounds like it would be fun.

After a few more dances my husband had to step away to go to the little boy's room and when he did a guy came over and asked if I would like to dance while I waited on my date and I said sure. We went out on the dance floor and he held me close and we moved very slowly. He rested his hands on my hips and I rested mine on his shoulders as the song progressed. He slowly moved his hands down to rest them on my butt and I leaned my head onto his nice firm chest and just relaxed, he was about 6'6" 200lbs nice and firm and very handsome dark black man. He told me I was the sexiest woman in the place and he would love to show me a wonderful time if I would let him. I told him I was married but my husband wanted to have another join us for the night and I asked him he would like to be the one. He said yes and when I turned to see if my husband was back from the little boy's room he was sitting at the table smiling at me. We left and headed back to our house it was about 1am when we got home.

We paid Beth for baby sitting and she just had this look on her face and she was smilling at me and I just blushed and gave her a hug and she wispered "have fun I know I would" and she left. David, the guy we brought home, gave me a long kiss and he started to fondle me and touch me. We went up stairs to the master bedroom and started to undress each other. David picked me up and gently laid me down on the bed and my husband sat down across the room and watched. I looked over at Mark after about 15 min. and he was slowly rubbing himself while he watched us. shortly after that I heard him start to moan and I looked over and Beth had come back over and she was kneeling between his legs sucking on him. We all had a wonderful time that night. David was very well endowed, he was nice long and very thick: when he pushed all the way up in me you could see the outlined of the head of his penis behind my belly button and when he stated cumming in me he pushed all the way up in me and I could feel it hit the top of my womb and I got a very warm feeling spreading of from the end of his penis filling me up.

Looking back the only thing I would have done differently would to have been that we used condoms. I know David came in me several times and Mark put his cum in Beth several times and so did David. Beth is 18 and she was not on any birth control, nor was I. We both got very lucky.'

Your Turn Now

So don't give up guys. It's possible but it's work. Try to think outside of the narrow confines. Remember that she is flesh and blood, will be worried that you are doing it for the wrong reasons and be as supportive as you know how, Take your time and be patient. With luck and persistence you will do it. Girls, if you want your man to take this approach, show him this web page. And send in your thoughts too!