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Puppy Training

There's a strong tradition of using puppy training - making girls dress and act like puppies - to allow you to stir a mixture humiliation, objectification with an interest in bestiality and other assorted kinks. If you don't have the resources for full pony-girl training (which for many will always remain out of reach as a practical option), then puppy training may provide an enjoyable alternative outlet. It's not a technique that I have used personally for more than role-playing or scene-setting but it has its attractions. Since I'm not a devotee of it, I would have concentrated on other matters, but my friend Khouri - a girl of Chinese extraction - wrote to me outlining her fantasies on the topic. Remember, it's not just Masters who may enjoy this, the girls often find it attractive and exciting in their own right. Khouri has written from the point of view of a girl who, for family reasons, isn't able to indulge her fantasy, but I think there's a lot to learn from the things she finds arousing. Read on and see what you think.

You will probably also get a lot of pleasure from and the puppygirls page there. The picture above is used by permission from Slave Malia's Fetish cage which is a very enjoyable read.

What is a Puppy Girl?

A puppy girl is a girl who acts or is treated like a puppy. There are puppy boys also but I'm writing this as a puppy girl. There is a full range of different levels of participation within this, some of which anyone can do in the privacy of their own bedrooms and others that would need to partake within the confines of a secure and established relationships. Anything from walking on all fours and barking like a dog right through to being taken out to the toilet in public and sleeping in a kennel.

Doggy Clothes

If you thing 'but Dogs don't wear clothes!' then you're absolutely right. So if you're a prospective pooch off with your clothes and get off the seat too and kneel or sit like a good little doggy with your feet flat on the floor, your knees pointed up and your behind on the floor. The only thing a doggy should wear is a collar so if you have one handy (don't we all?) put it around your neck and you'll feel a lot more in the role. Also, although not strictly clothing a tail is useful for a puppy. This might be a tie done around the waist with a bit at the back, or a cut-down pony-girl tail attached to a butt-plug.


There is no 'correct' way for puppies to walk, although people may have different ideas it is not my place to give a definitive do's and don't list as I didn't invent this but am only talking about my understanding of it. If crawling around on your hands and knees feels good go for it. I personally think walking on hands and feet is better for three reasons, firstly real dogs don't walk on their knees, secondly, in the long run its easier and you don't get grazed knees, and thirdly, by walking on hands and feet it means the puppy's behind is pushed into the air, much more pleasing to look at. And the opportunity for the pooch's owner to indulge in bestiality is enhanced as well.


Ever wondered how dogs can lap up a bowl of water so quickly just using their tongues? No? Well after trying it yourself you will do! When attempting this remember, dogs don't slurp so don't try and suck up the water or tip the bowl to drink it. A full bowl of water is a lot easier to lap up, you may not be able to finish it right down to the bottom but you will at least get the idea. Also be prepared to get your nose and face wet unless you have a really long tongue.


Now, by definition a puppy girl is part girl, part puppy, so don't feel you have to eat nothing but dog food. The main point is just to eat like a dog. A bowl of cornflakes or even a sandwich or main meal cut up small enough is perfectly acceptable for someone just starting out.

Using the Toilet

Not even the most liberal families permit their dogs to go in the house and unlike cats dogs don't have litter trays so be prepared to go outside in order to do your business. Unless you've got an extremely private garden and no neighbours there's always a chance of getting caught, but that just adds to the excitement. As everyone knows only male dogs raise their legs to pee, female dogs do not. But your not a real dog are you, you're a puppy girl so up with that leg! It's a lot more fun and a lot more pleasing to the eye, plus its easier to piss against the car wheel of that next door neighbour that you had an argument with.

Finding a Mate

Not for the faint hearted. Have you ever felt really horny one night and were stuck at home minding the dog? Well then this is for you! Another dog is necessary with this one though and you have to find one that's able to perform. Remember a dog isn't a man, which means two things; one, he'll find it easiest to do you doggy style (well maybe that's not too different) and two, he won't always be horny so he may need a little encouragement. Once he mounts you enjoy, just watch out for two things: firstly, his paws, unless you want claw marks down your side think about taping on a pair of socks around his paws, and secondly, his tool, which will swell and get stuck inside of you if you allow it to get in all the way, you may have to keep one hand back, just to keep him at arms length. Oh also, one more thing, once he's had you you're his bitch, so I hope your prepared to please him when ever he demands it? (Hmmmm maybe they are a lot like guys after all?)

Basic Training

What's a dog without a Master? To enjoy the experience more it'll help to get someone to play with you. They can be a friend or a flat mate and you don't have to make any commitment, just have them round for a bit of fun. This can take place in some basic training such as sitting, feet flat and hands flat on the floor, arms between your knees, begging, similar to sitting but with hands raised like paws, bent at the wrist and with the puppy making whimpering noises, and being petted and rewarded. The patronising and effective 'good girl!' as always appreciated. It is also important to remember that dogs often have their mouths open and tongues handing out, with all the panting you should get plenty of practice at lapping up a bowl of water.


Just because dogs don't talk it doesn't mean they can't speak. A well used whimper, woof, or whine can get your puppy point across. A Master would probably enjoy hearing you beg for things and even bark when your not happy. The longer you go without talking the easier it becomes to think like a dog. If you're a Master training a puppy you may like to consider only speaking in your puppy's presence to give commands.


Most Masters unless they're very fond of their pooch won't allow their pet into their bed. In most instances you will be expected to curl up at the foot of the bed, on the floor or in a basket. Get used to being curled up into the foetal position, it will also help you keep warm, after all you will be naked. For the more demanding Master you may even be expected to sleep in a kennel outside (Hopefully only in the summer) or even in a cage. Lovely.


All pets need exercise and if you're going to be a puppy girl then unless your Masters got a extremely large back garden he'll probably wish to take you out for walks. Now this may be scary at first with all the big metal things on the big black river but don't worry, I'm sure your Master will take care of you, listen when he tells you to sit by the road and don't go chasing rabbits without permission. (Although your Master may like it if you strain on the leash occasionally, especially if you see a male dog that takes your fancy). Also your Master won't be allowed to take you into shops with him (Unless you're a guide dog of course) so be prepared to wait outside tied to a railing and wait for him.

Puppy Clothing

Ok, I know I said puppy's should be naked and in their wild and natural state I stand by that. However some Master prefer to have their puppy girls dressed up in a verity of different outfits and these are just as valid and can be just as sexy, so don't tell a Master off if he does try to dress you up, the poor thing doesn't know everything.

Well that's the sum of my knowledge I hope you feel enlightened by my wisdom, if not, try reading some Confucious and you'll see I'm a lot more interesting at least! None of this is set in stone and I'm no authority just a girl who enjoys the fantasy. Also Asian girls don't have the monopoly on being puppy girl as you may see in a lot of the pictures (we just look the cutest) don't feel that because your black, white, fat or thin you should be excluded just join in and enjoy! Thank you for letting me waste so much of your time. Khouri x

A small number of other puppy pictures are here for your pleasure.