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Pumping and Suction for Body, Breasts and Pussy

Here's a harmless and pleasing form of exercise for boys and girls the same, the delights of erotic simulation through suction and pumping. Most forms of stimulation come in varying degrees ranging from mild stimulation passing through intense and ending up with pain but this is one area where nearly everyone sticks to the mild-to-medium form.

Lots of people while away the hours with various forms of cups, snakebite kits, nipple-suction devices, cock-vacuums, pussy pumps and a whole range of devices all intened to lighten the air-pressure and suck in the flesh, letting it swell up with bodily fluids. You can stay on the mild setting and just enjoy the tingle or experiment with pushing things further and exploring the boundaries between pleasure and discomfort or actual pain. Harmless self-pleasure in this way has whiled away many an idle hour behind closed doors - and in more than one case I'm aware of, women have been known to wear a pussy-pumping kit out in public too, either for pleasure or as a mark of obedience.

In the absence of specialised equipment you can improvise with your mouth, as almost everyone does during love-making, sucking on their partners nipples (or any other projecting item, I've know girls cum by having their earlobes or toes sucked), cock, clitoris and all parts in between. We all know exactly what it means to see the effects visible in public: neck, breasts covered with love-bites (or 'hickeys' as I believe they are called in the US). Those marks can be used as a clear sign of ownership and I enjoy using them on girl's bodies as a reminder of their status. It's entirely painless and a suitable alternative for relationships which don't involve stricter discipline and the attendant bruises.

There are horror stories galore in accident and emergency rooms about men presenting themselves for treatment with their cocks damaged in various ways as a result of vacuum cleaner 'accidents'. Boys, don't do it! Go and find an adult website and buy the right equipment. There are dozens of cock-pumps, vacuum enlargers and other paraphernalia and it's well worth spending the cash on that rather than risking serious physical damage.

Girls in particular get a lot of harmless private fun from using suction devices on their nipples and breasts. You can work on your nipples over a period of time with suction caps and gradually they will increase in size. Even if you don't put in the effort to make them grow you will undoubtedly notice the increased attention you get if you pump hard before going out in public in a top that lets the engorged nipples really show to best effect. The nipples become incredibly tender and sensitive after they have been pumped for a while and intelligent use of that knowledge is what separates the beginners from the experts.

In my opinion, nipple-pumping is a sadly neglected art which ought to be much better known and more widely practiced. One of my long-time delights is the enjoyment I get from being out with a slut who has been properly pumped and prepared for the occasion. Selecting the correct top to show her huge nipples as well as getting the material right on the inside so that she can get the best effect of it rubbing on them in their hypersenstive state is an important goal. If you get that right, she can be eating out of your hand all night, or better still somewhere else altogether.

Clitoris-pumping is equally effective. As with the nipples you can make it swell on a temporary basis, giving it much greater prominence and sensitivity or you can embark on a long-term program of increasing its size through regular pumping. Not everyone appreciates a markedly swollen and extended clitoris and it's wise to ensure that you know how your partner(s) are likely to react before embarking on a course of treatment (if you care that much about their opinions).

As part of the toolkit for the Master putting his submissive under control, a good set of pumping equipment is essential. You have the option of varying the degree to which it's used, thus obtaining a wide range of sensations, but caution is advised before taking things to extremes. My hunt for worthwhile medical advice has drawn a blank here and because of that I suggest erring on the cautious side. If your interest is in painful treatment there are many other approaches. Here is one that's more subtle, exploring erotic stimulation and the aesthetic results of skilful pumping is your best bet. My particular favourite is the pussy pump; I've sometimes used a pussy-pump on a slave and then made her walk out in public with a microskirt on, aiming to give glimpses of it to passers-by. The effect of fucking a swollen pussy is very pleasant too, of course. and has to be experienced to be believed.


I have received lots of requests from people who want to know about suppliers of suction equipment. My main interest is in UK suppliers but I'll list others if you tell me about them. Here is a starting point which may get things moving.