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The Doug Adams kink, fetish, BDSM and bimbo slut pages

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Doug's Home Page

This site is my collection of thoughts and experience based on many years of investigating and enjoying various aspects of female sexuality, detouring through kinks, bondage, submission, fetishism, humiliation, slut training, sado-masochism and as many out-of-the-mainstream sexual activities as I can find time to practise and write about. It's not professionally maintained nor is it commercial. I add to it when I can and it's a work-in-progress that has grown of its own accord: there is no grand plan, no commissariat of content. It's a hobby, not a job.

For the moment here is what I have: a slowly-growing light-hearted collection of thoughts and conclusions about things that interest me together with illustrative images and a few videos. If you think it's disorganized and chaotic, yes it is. It grows when I have time and choose to neglect my real job by putting more effort into it, or on the rare occasions when someone else volunteers to assist.

I have been intrigued by female sexuality, especially exhibitionism, servitude and submission since I was 16. My early experiences were fumbling and incompetent but hopefully I have improved with practise. In my time I have had live-in relationships with subs and slaves, sluts, whores, `normal' relationships and just about everything in between. Much more than that, I've been lucky enough to get to know many more people, both men and women, who share my interests. I've consistently been surprised by the number of women who ache for the chance to misbehave; to throw off society's strictures about supposedly 'moral' behaviour and instead to spread their wings and enjoy their sexuality in the kinds of ways that are usually much easier for men. So many feel constrained and repressed and just want to breathe freely. It is a crying shame that more don't get the chance. If these pages show how, or encourage just a few more to do it, then the effort has been worthwhile.

If it's kinky, exhibitionistic, fetishistic or involves the use of power and control then that is what interests me. My interests go much further than the mainstream domination-submission-discipline approach, since I'm also fascinated by situations which allow women to explore their own sexuality and revel in it. Society makes it hard for for women even to admit that they enjoy impersonal sex or gangbangs or dressing and acting as a bimbo or as fetish sluts or public show-offs or almost anything that is likely to make them stand out in the crowd and attract the tut-tutting tongues of those who are quick to judge. Yet since I started writing this site, I've lost count of the number of people, both men and women who have welcomed the chance to see these subjects aired in public.

What interests me most of all is not just the physical, outward expression of those kinds of activities. I love to get under the skin and to explore and observe the mental state, the motivations that lead to it. If you don't do that you will always be an outsider; understand what makes people tick and you get inside their heads, share the urges and the drive and you can join in as a fully-fledged partner. For that reason I love rôle play situations where you can discuss ahead of time what parts you intend to play then meet up for an evening or a weekend of game-playing. The single most common complaint I've had from the girls I have spoken to is that the men they meet want something less than the reality of a complex and intelligent woman and that they don't understand that for many women, this is a release, a way of letting off steam. Guys: if she wants to play the whore or the bimbo for one night then let her, but don't expect her to do that every day and night of the week. Far more women want to play and release their tensions than ever want to adopt it as a lifestyle. Be realistic and join in, but come back to reality too. Talk to her, negotiate when and where it's appropriate to play and when the mundane daily realities have to be addressed too. Even lifestyle players have to look and act normal most of the time, so outside of the intensity of full-on sessions keep the interest and intrigue ticking over with code words, articles of dress, the occasional whisper ... be smart about it!

You can read a bit about me below and see my limited collection of material by following the links.

Biographical Details

Now moved to my biography page.


I'm trying to add pages to this site with a little about each of my interests. This will take time, but below is the list I've managed to do something about up to now.
  • Bondage - thoughts on tight constraint
  • Sharing your girlfriend - why it's good to have your girlfriend fuck other men
  • Puppy training - NEW; a wrinkle on humiliation and objectification
  • Group fun - group sex, gangbangs, bukkake and how to get involved
  • Spanking - mild fun with moderate pain; a few video links
  • Pumping and suction - erotic ways to treat the body with suction.
  • Training women how to behave for my pleasure has been a hobby for as long as I can remember. A significant push is being made at present on the cocktoy training manual but other aspects are:
    • Humiliation and degradation play - consensual degradation, humiliation, slut training and more for women. TV and TS sissies in need of humiliation have their very own page.
    • Objectification and rough or impersonal sex - we take a look beyond humiliation into deep desires of being treated as objects, physical or sexual, going beyond disrespect and disregard as far as fantasies of violence and rape. Note the word 'fantasy' there.
    • Dreaming of serving - 'M' has written about her dream of giving herself as a slave slut and 'Z' and his wife 'P' are working with me on helping a respectable married woman explore her dark desires towards use as a plaything.
    • Blowjob training - very few girls are born as naturally good cocksuckers. Here's a list of lessons for beginners through to advanced practitioners.
    • Pussy-licking training - even fewer men have a clue about eating pussy. My friend Alison suggests that some of her girl playmates should read it too.
    • Dressing to Please - an important part of obedience training, having a girl properly dressed for private and public pleasure, and what girl doesn't love to dress up?
    • Exhibitionism and Flashing - persuading or encouraging a girl to exhibit her body in public.
    • Private and public display - training a girl in the arts of pleasing physical display.
    • Watersports and Golden Showers - the erotic and submissive aspects of playing with pee.
  • Bimbo Training - Lyndie Likemore adds her thoughts on how to be a good bimbo.
  • Breast Enhancement - implants or not? The answer is clear, but here's what to do and how to fund it.
  • Bimbo/Slut clothing - how to dress your floozy for everyday pleasure.
  • The love of Fetishwear - musings on the topic of why and how I enjoy fetishwear.
  • Bi girls for gangbangs - my catalogue of bisexual girls who like to screw and suck in groups.
  • Cuckoldry - experiences of dominating a couple with a sissy wimp of a husband and a submissive wife.
  • Escort experiences - nobody was more surprised than me to find that some women want to pay for intelligent company when they visit the UK, but I enjoyed it for a time.
  • Embarrassment, humiliation and dares - public and semi-public ways of getting the rush of embarrassment, whether sexually related or not.

I have a full and busy life and for me, the 24 hour-a-day total-power-exchange kind of relationship is not what I want or need. I have a small group of female friends who I meet individually from time to time as it suits us; usually once every few weeks. Not everyone wants to live this as a lifestyle and for some women it's important to have an outlet that doesn't consume their whole life. Indeed, I think that for some married people, being able to express these desires discreetly and safely can be a real support to an exisiting `vanilla' relationship.

I especially enjoy training new submissive slut/slaves and it's always exciting to watch someone finding herself more and more turned on as she learns to release herself and give herself over to the control of a Master. I have a special interest in slut-training and degradation. I get a big charge out of taking a strong and in-control woman such as a high-flying business executive and making her crawl, beg for discipline, transforming her into a sexual slave and slut. Seeing her first of all in her formal business wear, then using her extensively before taking her out in public dressed as a cheap whore, her holes plugged, weights on her labia and her breasts squeezed with tight bands at the base and on the nipples, standing out through a transparent top ... that's what I call entertainment! I'll add more about that particular interest soon.

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I will respond with interest if you have intelligent things to say or if you have interesting videos or pictures to share.


Many of you will remember the image galleries that this site used to support. Regrettably most of them have had to be removed due to the cost of maintaining them. All that remains is the daily random picture, so enjoy what is left by clicking on the star!
  • Funny stuff - just to make you smile *.
  • - gangbangs and parties *.
  • - sluts arranged as Master likes them *.
  • Flashers and exhibitionists - Showoffs of all kinds *.
  • Slut and Tart wear - outfits for your pleasure *.
  • Fashion Slut wear - how to convince a dim girl that showing her breasts in public is fashionable, or to give a bright one the excuse that she's trendy *.
  • - pics that show the kind of stuff I like
  • - girls who were built to be made into sluts *.
  • Lovely tits - small tits are ok but big ones look much better when they are bound or whipped *.
  • - pussies waiting to be used *.
  • Bondage - tied up and waiting for Master .
  • - girls who love to play with cum *.
  • - sluts being humiliated and degraded *.
  • - watersports and golden showers *.
  • - piercings and body jewellery *.
  • Bimbos - airheads and bimbos *.
  • Fetishwear - fetishwear and kinky costumes *.
  • Hosiery - stockings, hosiery and lingerie that appeals to my taste *.
  • - by popular demand, women in control *.
  • - the use of vacuum devices *.
  • - discipline for the needy *.
  • - body orifices stretched wide by objects and fists *.
  • And finally - a lot of my female correspondents have asked to see some girl-on-girl pictures. *.

You can see some real and unfaked pictures of my current and former female playmates if you want, though I tend to put the camera down when things get into full swing and concentration is needed.

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