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Doug's Female Humiliation and Degradation Page

I've always been turned on by seeing women in positions of helplessness. Like many men of a certain age, the first inklings of this were probably stirred by the high-camp and manifestly BDSM-influenced "Avengers" TV series. Throughout its run Mrs. Peel (Diana Rigg, right) was not only gorgeous and self-possessed, but also regularly found herself positions of danger where she was tied up and menaced by various evil villains. Her tight leather catsuit and stunning body didn't exactly detract from the viewing pleasure. One episode, "The Hellfire Club" was so overtly BDSM that US networks had to ban it and copies of the tape were allegedly reserved for industry insiders. To find out more, try searching for "avengers hellfire club" through the search engines. To save some time and effort, here is a one of the most interesting results.

I can't resist including the image. Forty years on it's still impressive - and this came from the sixties when TV was very straight-laced.

The First Time

From that simple beginning my interests grew and I realised that this was a powerful erotic influence. I didn't act on it initially, finding that straight sex was in plentiful supply during my college days, though it was pleasing to see the effect that my taste for motorcycle leathers had on some of the girls I knew. What really brought it home was when I encountered the highly desirable, unbelievably attractive and utterly out-of-reach girl who worked in the Student's Union shop. The object of intense lust amongst the entire male undergraduate population (and a fair proportion of the females too) she became even more unattainable after doing a spread for one of the well-known soft-porn magazines.

One day, to my surprise, I found myself sitting next to her at a party. Her paramour of the moment, one of the large and thicker-skulled members of the rugby club, had gone off to be sick in the toilet and for whatever reason she decided to turn her charms on to me. I played it cool; it was obvious she was only taunting anyhow and she'd drag the hunk home later.

Whether my coolness served as a challenge or not I don't know, but she started to ratchet up the pouting and flaunting, sticking her chest in my direction and fluttering her eyelids. What came into my head next I don't know but I do remember to my surprise and astonishment telling her that I didn't find straight sex appealing - that unless I chained a girl to the bed and whipped her before pissing in her mouth, I wouldn't even stiffen. I probably felt there was nothing to lose and at the very least I'd shock her.

The effect on her was remarkable. Her face drained of colour - I thought she was going to hit me - and she went very quiet. It looked as if I had put my foot in it and I had visions of being pummelled by the rest of the Rugby Club, when to my lasting amazement and disbelief she looked into my eyes and said "Take me and do it to me.". You've never seen a cab called so quickly. We went back to my digs and I tied her naked to the bed with towels (rope? don't be silly, there was nothing else available). Panic set in when it dawned on me that the situation needed to be moved forward and I had nothing to do it with. Suddenly, memory dawned and a raid on the bedroom of a girl upstairs produced a bullwhip she had brought back as a souvenir from Spain.

Thirty minutes later and I was in heaven. Red stripes covered that so-desirable body and now I was looking into her face as she gulped down a stream of hot pee. It was the first time for me that anything remotely like this had happened and I was hooked. The whole summer was spent exploring ways of taking this poised, beautiful and previously inaccessible creature and turning her into a slut and a whore. She was clearly as turned-on by it as I was and even to this day, a quarter-century later, we still correspond and exchange views on slut-training, despite her having married a fabulously rich businessman (so no names, sorry).


Since that first time I've enjoyed exploring ways of taking outwardly straight, cool, calm and collected girls and women, then bending them to my will and easing them down the path of slutty and disgraceful behaviour. The more whoreish and degrading the better, whether its through dressing for pleasure, public exhibitionism, private use or whatever works for the girl in question; I like to use some imagination and vary the pace and the content to suit the person involved. Of course it goes without saying that this has to be consensual. This isn't real "abuse", it has to be something that both people want and enjoy. I'm just lucky that I enjoy it and manage to find girls who do too.

Erotic Humiliation

Almost by accident I discovered the erotic potential of using humiliation as a tool for control. It can be used as a punishment when she misbehaves or as a part of heightening the electricty of the moment. You do have to be able to think inside the girl's head though because what's incredibly humiliating for one girl can be more or less normal or acceptable to a different one. The following descriptions aren't specially imaginative but they will give some idea of the options. When you read them you may think to yourself that they don't sound incredibly embarassing, but trust me, that's the diminishing effect of reading something from the web. If you ever get to the stage of doing it in real life, that's usually a whole other matter and the emotions are much stronger than you might think. Remember when you are planning a humiliation for a girl, you have to know what makes her tick - and she has to have something to lose in the first place or it will never work!

There are thousands of ways that you can employ embarrassement and humiliation. I would love to collect a whole set of recommendations and please, if you are reading this, send me your favourites. Below are simply three that I've used in real life and, my word, the effects were startling.

The Photobooth
This is nice and simple but fun all the same. It works better with prim-and-proper types (but then so does most humiliation I guess). Select a photobooth in a suitable place; it's your choice where and you can get varying effects by choosing one that her friends might use. Tell her that you will be watching to make sure she does what you ask.

Her task is to go into the booth wearing a T-shirt and a bra. She must close the curtain, then remove her T-shirt and put it on her lap, then remove the bra. She must put in the money, ensure that the photographs show her full-face and full-breasted, then dress again. Just to do that is of course not really humiliating enough unless you know she will already find it excruciating; the final touch is to tell her that she will then leave the booth, not turning back and simply walk away knowing that in a minute or two her photos will pop out of the machine. She will never know who gets them.

Severe Public Embarrassment
Miss Stuck-Up-Bitch had been seeing me for a month or two. She was so particular about her appearance, all power-skirts, executive hair, scarlet lipgloss and shoes that it was wearing me down, but she did look very appealing. We had arranged to meet in central London in a hotel. I sat, waited, paced up and down and got annoyed as it got later and later. Eventually she arrived without a word of apology, two hours late, no phone call and not even a hint of "sorry". Later I figured that this must be have been deliberately to provoke me, but I was fuming.

She followed me upstairs as if nothing had happened. I closed the door and laid into her verbally, calling her all sorts of hames, telling her exactly what I thought of her - then suddenly it struck me that the anger and the name-calling was turning her on. "If that's what she wants," I thought, "then she gets it". I put her across my knee, took off her Dior skirt and gave her buttocks a really serious spanking. I bruised my hand badly, her backside was a picture, and it was the first I had ever given her. Once I'd worked the annoyance out of my system I paused. She was saying nothing and I wondered for a moment if I'd made a mistake to lay into her so hard. Then I noticed a gleam on her thighs - I touched her pussy and it was soaking, she was really turned-on.

Well she might like that, but she wouldn't like what was coming next. I made her dress again. I told her she was going to show how sorry she was by giving me a blowjob, but that I wanted to fuck lips that were covered in lipstick - I went to her bag, took out the lipstick and put in on for her very badly and very thick. Although the spanking had turned her on I could sense that she knew I was really angry and I think she was a bit afraid. Instead of her usual backchatting she had gone very quiet and obedient. Much later she told me that having me going through her handbag had been very humiliating to her, an idea that hadn't struck me at all.

She started to suck and I pushed deep into her mouth. On the point of cumming I pulled out and sprayed her face and put gobbets in her so-perfect hair. She looked startled and unhappy because I'd never done that before. Shocking her more, I took the back of my hand and smeared her thick red lipstick right across one cheek, mixed in with the semen. She opened her mouth as if to protest but I told her to shut up and she did.

Next I made her stand up. What a sight she looked. But to make it perfect I took my car keys and laddered and ripped her stockings. She looked a total fright. Taking her by the hand and threatening her with violence if she didn't comply, I led her down the stairs, out through the lobby and made her walk all the way across Piccadilly Circus and through Leicester Square, milling with tourists and just about everyone turning to look at her with her smeared lipstick and blobs of stuff in her hair. Half way across Leicester Square she started to cry, which made the effect even worse because her mascara started to run. When we got to The Porcupine on the far side of Charing Cross Road I sent her into the toilets to clean up. She came out half an hour later looking much better and her cheeks were flushed. She sat down and apologised profusely to me, then leant forward and told me that nobody had ever treated her like that before and she was more aroused than she could ever remember being. To judge by her performance in the hotel later I think she was right. And I have to say, she never was late again.

Ritual Humiliation
Once I had learned that Miss Stuck-Up got off on being humiliated I started looking for ways to do it better. Her love of smart frocks was a fine indicator, so I got her used to wearing a really trashy wetlook minidress and holdup stockings, with the hem of the skirt too high to hide the stocking-top bands. She was clearly very embarrassed to wear that in public, so I would take her out to winebars dressed just that way. Every time she reached nervously to tug at the hem I would slap her hand. I hate to see that twitching movement that girls do and told her so - before too long she was cured, but you could see her face reddening as she knew that men were trying to look to get a view of her pussy and that everyone knew she was dressed as a tart.

That technique worked for a while but really it wasn't imaginative or humiliating enough so I came up with a variant of it. First we would go out with her dressed like that (it did turn me on to see her that way), then I'd take her back to the hotel and get her ready for the better part of it. I'd make her lie on the bed, open her legs and pull up the skirt. By now we knew each other well enough and had been HIV tested so we weren't using condoms. I would push her legs apart and with no foreplay push into her. On the verge of cumming I would almost totally withdraw, coating her just inside her labia with as much fluid as I could manage. I quickly learned that abstinence for a day or so before meeting her meant that I could give her a really thick dollop, barely inside her pussy. I'd make her stand, adjust her skirt, then walk her out to a nearby winebar that had a highly-polished black marble floor. She would stand there sipping a glass of wine, never knowing if there would be wet streaks showing on her expensive black stockings, or if drips were accumulating on the polished floor, and if so, were the guys trying to see her pussy able to see that too?

The latter version never failed to arouse her. Her breath would start to shorten and occasionally she came close to a panic attack over it, almost passing out. It was a lot of fun.

An Old Standby
Though it's not imaginative at all, here is an easy one that anyone can have fun with. You must pick a suitable top for your partner, something that is partly see-through, a patchwork of holes, maybe lace or crocheted, possibly emroidered. You will make the girl wear a contrasting bra underneath so that it will show very prominently; with a white top a black bra or vice versa. If the whole shape and cut of the bra isn't perfectly visible, it's the wrong top. Take her to somewhere packed with yuppies just after work. London's Covent Garden is full of places like that.

Stand and drink with her for a while. She will probably need something to help her with the next stage. Position her so that plenty of people can see her and observe the bra underneath her semi-see-through top. Let the apprehension build for a while.

Eventually you will tell her to go to the lavatory and remove the bra, but she must fold it carefully, visibly carry it in her hand, and when she walks back to you, hand it to you slowly and deliberately with no rush. Any rushing will be punished later.

If the top is carefully selected it won't really be possible to see her breasts underneath it, though some holes in the top should permit the pinkness of the nipples to show slightly. What will be noticed by everyone is that the very prominent bra is now missing and that you are holding it. Put it in your pocket and do not leave the bar. Make her stand there for at least one further drink while the guys in the bar, now knowing that she is naked unerneath, do their best to get a glimpse of nipple or bare breast throught the top.


I set out to capture as much as I knew about the ways and techniques of applying humiliation and degradation, but realise that I haven't even scratched the surface. There must be a book in this, not just a web page. I'll add more when time permits, but this website is just a hobby and real work must intervene. There is so much more to cover: public exhibitionism, control of urination, enforced sex with groups, facials both in private and in public, dress and behaviour modification. So much to do and so little time! Though it goes deeper and darker than humiliation and degradation, you might find some thought-provoking comments in my objectification and rough or impersonal sex page too. Alternatively, puppy training might be your kink.

I've looked around the web for useful source material and this area doesn't seem well covered. If you know of good resources please let me know and I'll add them in here. It's a rich and rewarding topic but presumably because it's not an immediate sexual kick, the porn mongers have neglected it. Or maybe I just haven't looked hard enough.


I keep a gallery of humiliation images of various kinds. Facial humiliation, where the girl's face is coated with semen is part of fluid humiliation in general, so it also includes piss play and forced semen drinking (a favourite of mine). Enforced exhibitionism, public urination, objectification and other forms of humiliation also get a look-in. I hope you enjoy it. Models are welcome if you want to pose. Semen humiliation is popular with the girls who write to me. Some illustrations of my taste may encourage you, so here they are:

Since it's also a great love of mine - and when enforced is an important part of humiliation - I've also collected a gallery nice pictures of public exhibitionism. For cost reasons, the selection has been reduced to one-a-day: here is today's daily showoff.

Slut O

Having read this page, Slut O wrote to me to say how much she relishses being used as a whore by strong and commanding men. Whether it's to be used as a cum-dump or a prostitute for her lover, she says that she runs with wetness. She enjoys being tied up and fucked but can only tolerate a small amount of pain. She wants her photos to be used as an inspiration for similar sluts worldwide.

Use me like a pig

Just a whore

This is for you Sir

Sluts should be silent

Preparing the hole

Serving Master

The tits bind well

Mouth properly used

Trained to suck

Ready for anal

Richard's Slut

Richard wrote to me saying he'd like his slave to be more widely known, so here she is:


Karen lost a bet after drinking lots of red wine with friends and has had to publish her photos - she welcomes comments, so send them to me and I'll post them below. She's aware that to have these removed she'll have to offer her body for unlimited use for a full afternoon and night so do your best to embarrass her with comments and I'l publish the photos of her getting used later too. I'm looking forward to seeing her dripping after a really hard fucking. Let's face it, that's one cunt that's crying out to be pumped full of semen!