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Training a Fuckpuppet

In May of 2004 I received an email from 'Z' who enquired about what could be done with his wife. She is, he told me, not only extremely willing sexually, but also has desires and fantasies to be used as a toy for men's pleasure and is aroused by the thought of being used purely as a toy for fucking, sucking and use. When she imagines being available for service and directed to be used (she is also submissive) she gets excited and wet. She sometimes dreams about being a high-class hooker, obliged to service anyone who will pay for her.

We discussed her fantasies and what could be done about them. He told me that she wants to serve in this as his wife and pleasure-vessel, that that she wants this to be done with his direction and control: meeting their mutual needs is central to the enjoyment that they both hoped to get from whatever might follow.

I receive a considerable volume of similar email and am cautious when I am contacted in this way. Most of the time it's just guys indulging their fantasies without the knowledge or approval of the woman concerned - often I wonder if there really is one at all. The way that Z spoke seemed different and we exchanged ideas as weeks passed.

After some time he suggested meeting and introducing the slut (his terms) to her first period of being used. It had remained a fantasy only and he wanted to make it happen for real. We agreed to spend an evening exploring her willingness.

We met at a secluded restaurant and hotel. The slut 'P' had been told to meet us in the bar and she was stood there dressed provocatively (tiny black skirt, high heels and hold-up stockings) being eyed by several of the businessmen who were winding down after a day's work. She is very petite, attractive and though nervous was obviously also excited. We drank and chatted for a while and I discovered that she is entertaining, obviously intelligent and well educated.

We had dinner together and talked some more. None of us wanted to rush the evening and getting to know one another was what had been agreed in advance. Part of the way through the dinner Z told the slut to remove the vaginal balls she was wearing and to place them on the table in full view. She looked embarrassed to do it but complied; there was a tension in the air and I felt that she enjoyed the feeling of being controllled, obeying and being subservient. A little later by agreement I advised her to spread her legs and I checked (again over dinner, in the restaurant) that she had shaved and was bare under her skirt. Just spreading her legs caused her skirt to ride up over her legs and to bare her cunt. She kept talking to her husband and the internal turmoil it caused her to be fingered in public in that way was very pleasant to watch.

After dinner we sent her up to the hotel room and then followed. She was obliged to undress and I put on a condom then told her to suck my cock, which she did extremely well whilst her husband fucked her from behind. She has a delicious body with the skin and feel of a teenager; a real pleasure to touch. When her husband asked if I'd like to use her cunt I told her to move astride me and lower herself onto my cock which she did with real enthusiasm. Her cunt is tight and very enjoyable.

Following the first fuck we had her kneel on the bed and suck her husband's cock whilst I probed her arse and cunt with some toys and my fingers. Her arse feels lovely and she accepts anal probes with willingness. We switched positions and she licked my balls while her husband fucked her again and I squeezed her tits and teased her nipples. Following that I laid her on her back, pushed her legs up and took my pleasure in her cunt for a while.

To be honest, at that point I stopped trying to remember what we did and simply enjoyed the use of her. She was evidently enjoying herself and had found that her fantasy wasn't even as good as the reality.

Once Z and I were exhausted we went down to the bar for a drink taking the slut with us. We talked about how she felt about her experience, what other things she might like to do - for a while I fingered her again - and she talked about what it felt like to be a fuckpuppet and to enjoy being used. I could tell that she had had a good time and was keen to repeat the experience.

And then it was time for a taxi home.

Since that time she has gone from strength to strength and regularly attends events as a party girl and sometimes appears on UK escort websites. I was fortunate and grateful to have been involved in her early experiences: anyone who has the use of her is in for a real treat. In February 2006 her husband forwarded these pictures to me, if you like the picture of the inside of her pussy I can assure you that it is even better to fuck than to admire.


As part of her ongoing training, she is now to be to be made available to selected other males, females and groups, but only under strict supervision. Anyone wishing to use her should use the form below to make contact, giving good reasons why you should be considered. Preference will be given to those who provide genuine photographs of themselves: to do that, please use the file upload form after sending your initial message. Bisexual women are also welcome if they wish to join in with our own private group play. She will be escorted to ensure her safety, she is a precious property and won't be put at risk. PLEASE NOT: she is a sexual toy, not a BDSM painslut. Her mild humiliation, embarrassment and use as a sexual plaything is the only thing on offer. If you want to make contact with Fuckpuppet, please use the contact form.