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The joys of Fetishwear

Does the thought of a rubber-clad body cause a stirring in your loins, make your heart pound and leave you full of evil thoughts? Do you find a strange and compelling sexual attraction when you look at images of people in shiny PVC, leather or rubberwear? Does the smell of latex give you a bigger rush than a bucketful of oysters doused in spanish fly or a whole lungful of amyl nitrate. Do you feel the drive and ambition to take your slut and wrap her up in it for your pleasure and her discomfort? Then welcome to the fetishwear club!

Who knows why that kind of clothing has this effect on us? Is it imprinting, innate or what? The answer is that we will probably never know: our only hope is to enjoy it, revel in it and have fun.

Fetishes come in many strange and unpredictable forms: maybe like me you enjoy the sensual appearance of an attractive body mummified as an object in a shiny second skin; or is perhaps your fetish for something quite different and you are aroused by sweaty feet or the appearance of enema equipment or pantiehose? Maybe for the subs amongst you it's being naked on your hands and knees and licking your Mistress' patent leather boots, or is it the appeal of dressing in corsetry and lingerie or the smell of schoolgirls' bicycle seats (in the age of the car, surely a dying interest), maybe you are powerfully aroused by seeing a glamorous woman smoking a cigarette or a cigar? If your fetish isn't for latex, then this page isn't for you. My interest is in power, control and fetishwear plain and simple.

Fetishwear works best for me when it's combined with the control and manipulation of the female form, constrained to my will and made to suit me. Take that prim-and-proper girl sitting next to you - wouldn't she look good strutting around wrapped in latex, cocooned constrained and confined so that her flesh is hidden but her body is displayed at the same time? Accessible, overtly sexual, nobody can say that she dressed like that by accident. It sends a message, it tells us that she is there for use, as a plaything, a toy, an object to be used.

My own interest has been there since I was a child. From the earliest days I knew that there was something different about leather clothing, high boots, tight sweaters and shiny materials. Whenever I saw fetishistic images I knew that they spoke to me in ways that went beyond the effect on my friends. They may have liked what they saw - an attractive woman in rubber is an attractive woman and being dressed out of the ordinary is sexy - but what attracted me was the cocooning effect of the rubber and the doll-like appearance alsmost as much as the woman inside it!

It is hard to put into words how much I like to see a woman clad in latex. At home for my private pleasure, or in a club where she can be put on show with her limbs and torso latex-covered yet her breasts, pussy and buttocks uncovered and displayed for the guests to see, or best of all in my opinion, gripped tightly by the latex, hot and sweaty, underneath a raincoat and walked around in public. Only I know what is underneath, the rest of the world just has to guess.

The tightly constraining clothes allow you to be an artist with the body of your subject. You can accentuate its sexual characteristics and hide the personality altogether. You can use it to real effect in public; what is suitable for a club or private use will be way beyond what most people dare do in a public situation, but making her wear rubber hotpants and teeter down the road on impossible heels sends a message that nobody is immune to. You, they and she will all know who wields the whip-hand and who is in charge. Tight rubber is its own kind of bondage. Nothing is hidden where it grips the flesh, making it a second skin - she can be covered and naked at the same time in a delicious paradox. You may choose to be less subtle and arrange for openings at strategic points, though my preference is for her to be either fully covered or fully exposed; the peephole look works less well for me. Much better, like the image at the top right, to expose and cover at the same time; that is overt and unmistakeable.

My fetish gallery contains a collection of images that I have gathered recently. For reasons I don't know, I have not been able to collect a worthwhile set of videos and I am disappointed by that. Maybe a diligent reader will be able to help with that one.

Finally a few words on the care and treatment of latex clothing. What works best for me is when it is worn close to the skin, but that has disadvantages. Part of the perverse pleasure is that it doesn't breathe, so in a hot club you will be amazed at the amount of sweat that accumulates. Not just drops but pints of the stuff, especially if she is putting in much exertion. Watching the sweat accumulate under clear latex adds piquancy to the spectacle, but unfortunately it is not good for the latex - human sweat has a deleterious effect on the material, at least it seems to - and precautions need to be taken. You will need to coat the inside heavily with talcum powder before putting it on and when it has been removed or accept that the life will be reduced. The black shiny latexwear obviously is not a problem to talc copiously, but that doesn't work for what the real latex pervs like the best; the seethrough outfits. Shiny black latex also works best when it has been highly polished on the outside. In the UK anyone who knows anything about polishing latex uses a brand of household cleaner known as 'Mr. Sheen'. I regret that I don't know the equivalent in other countries.

NOTE: I'm told that the photo on the right is of Dyan Ryan, who at present has relocated to Wisconsin - her fans in South Florida will be disappointed to learn that she's no longer attending parties there :(

Glamour and kink

'S' wrote to me, pointing out that whilst pneumatic models with stunning bodies are nice to look at for a male like me, the femininine side of fetishwear should be given some space too. Amongst other things she said:
"(I like) the smell and the texture, smooth and warm yet all encompassing (well the bits it covers that is). I would say it's also the sexual overtones, after all it's not the kind of thing I would put on for a shopping trip.

My partner (not husband) bought my first latex outfit .. a sort of catsuit with bits cut out if you get my meaning.

As for play, it's pretty straight. My interest in bdsm bloomed last year really, but I'm still not 100% sure of it. That is mainly to do with timewasting individuals, of which I'm sure you've heard plenty. I've decided to give it another try in the new year, if nothing appears, then I'm gonna give up and just go with the fetish stuff. I like the admiration it brings!

On your website, my feeling is that the fetish pics are mostly commercial ones, is that right? The women are fantasy. I am absolutely nothing like them, just a normal woman with a bit of a kink, if you passed me in the street you wouldn't look twice, it stays pretty hidden under normal circumstances and I've no interest in gaining huge tits or various piercings. There are, I know, a lot out there who are more obvious, but I like the glamorous side of fetish and so don't really regard myself as a fetishist.

You can see some of her photos here - I think she underrates herself, she's stunning in latex!.