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Domination by Women

Many men see domination as a natural outgrowth of their masculinity, something naturally preordained by their genes and their ego. There may be some truth in that and certainly history shows us plenty of examples of aggression, bloodlust and murder perpetrated by supposedly strong men. Domination of course is something different. Brute strength is easy to exert, mental power and psychological domination a whole other matter.

And by and large, females (Dommes) have a reputation for getting under the skin, being better able to sense the fears and desires of their subs than many men. History doesn't lack strong female figures either. The Amazons, Helen of Troy, Catherine the Great, Cleopatra and Britains' Boudicca and Elizabeth the first have all carved their name on the frieze of time. Matriarchal societies are famous for putting fear in the hearts of the stoutest of men.

No wonder then, that many men and women alike crave the kind of domination that only a Mistress can give. And when confronted by her smooth skin, the smell of her hair, the soft tone of her voice, the shine of her boots and the tantalising caress of her whip, who can blame them?

Normally I like to write from first-hand experience but since my encounters with Dommes have almost universally been sexual as equals and not in a D/S position, I'm limited in what I can say. I'm inviting Dommes and their subs to contribute here instead. Until they have done so, I shall leave this page as firstly a placeholder, but then also, somewhere where Dommes with whom I have personal experience can let the world know that they exist. Subs looking for professional or semi-professional domination may find that with time a useful list of contacts can be found here.

Mistress Mephisto (Reading, Berkshire UK)

Mistress Mephisto provides a sophisticated service for men in need of
  • Anal opening and stretching: stretching, opening, plugging and fucking with a strap ons
  • Bondage: hard and tight and no way to escape!
  • Cock and ball bondage: pulled and stretched for my pleasure
  • Collars and cuffs: dressing a sub in appropriate attire
  • Flogging: hard, mild or sensual
  • Gagging: ball, ring or my dirty used knickers?
  • Nipple clamping and stretching: clamping and pinching
  • Retraction: a slowly stretched foreskin until you can take no more
  • Sensory deprivation: blindfolds and hoods
  • Spanking: over the knee or fast and hard
  • Strap on fucking:lick it, suck it, you will be fucked with it
  • Tease wanking/orgasm denial: a wriggling sub who can't escape
  • Wax play: drips of hot wax on those delicate places
Note that Mistress does not provide any sexual service herself.