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Dares, humiliation and Embarrassment

Most of this website has a common theme running through it based on my interest in control and management of submissive women. One area that's different is public embarrassment. It might perhaps be related through humiliation but typically the objectives are purely the flush and fear caused by the embarrassment alone. Amongst my correspondents I find a good number who are into dares and embarrassment (via humiliation) in ways that aren't directly sexually related.

The excitement of being embarrassed in public gives enough of a rush of its own with any other kind of arousal not needed. Quite a number run 'dare rings' where each in turn has to perform a dare then report back to the others. Some groups work on trust, believing whatever the victim of the day reports, whilst others require proof that the dare was done.

Many of the dares have a sexual component because that's an easy way to embarrass women but some groups will find that unimaginative and will look for other forms of embarrassment instead. This isn't a subject that I consider myself any kind of expert on at all but what I'd like to do here is collect thoughts and dares into a compendium for anyone who is interested in pursuing this line of emotional arousal.

Most of these dares or situations are suitable only for females, though some can be adapted to humiliate men if you wish. I hope to grow the contents of this page through user comments, so please make your suggestions!

Relatively non-sexual dares

  • A female friend of mine (head of marketing for a large company) is known to be turned on by embarrassing situations. I knew she was going to be flying to the US with a group of colleagues and just before she left I slipped a steel dildo into her laptop bag. At airport security they found it and must have realised what it was because they offered her privacy to open the bag. Fortunately she claimed she had nothing to hide so when the bag was opened, several of her colleagues saw the dildo in plain sight. She was mortified. Since then she tells me that behind her back she hears them calling her 'The Iron Lady'.
  • Sara wrote to me telling about the time she took herself on a three-day trip to Austria wearing ONLY an overcoat and shoes. Again it was embarrassing at airport security when they asked her to remove the coat and she had to explain the situation. A number of other situations arose where there was considerable difficulty in keeping the coat closed at all times.
  • A common mini-embarrassment situation is to apply makeup thickly, including heavy crimson lipstick, then to smear it deliberately and extremely obviously across the face, then go out shopping with a very visible and disastrous appearance.
  • Walking around with the skirt 'accidentally' tucked into the back of the knickers is popular and surprising embarrassing in public
  • Sara: Being made to walk barefoot whilst surrounded by people in normal shoes
  • Sara: Have a Henna tattoo on the ankle, in 1 cm letters saying bitch or slut, above the shoe line. You don't know who sees it or when.
  • From Natalie's weblog: The dare was to spend an afternoon being a mannequin in a sex shop. I know a guy who runs one, and who was more than happy to have me do the dare there. I had to be dressed up as he wanted me, and stay as still as I could. To make it more interesting for him, he had me put on a clit vibe too, which he kept the control for to play with during the afternoon. He also had me put on 4in stiletto heels. The first outfit he had me in was a PVC nurses outfit, white panties and stockings. He amused himself by randomly turning on the vibe all afternoon, and watching me try not to squirm as the toy did its work on me. Quite a lot of his customers commented on his nice new "display". After a couple of hours he changed outfits, and had me put on black lingerie, bra, stockings and thong. he also put a velvet blindfold on me, black ball gag, cuffed my hands behind me, and ankles together. About an hour into this outfit, he had me bend over, to demonstrate a cane and a flogger on! The final outfit he had me wear was a french maids one, short skirt and top, more stockings, and black underwear. Again it was very popular!
  • Natalie again: The dare was to wear sexy lingerie, a long coat, and take a ride on the bus. For this I wore black satin push up bra, black satin thong, garter belt and seamed stockings, and put strappy heels on. looked good enough to eat if i do say so myself. I then got a coat to wear. I was supposed to wear a long one, but decided to wear one that went down to just past my thighs. when I put it on it was possible I had a skirt on under it, but it would have to be a short one. I then cut all the buttons off it, so I would have to hold it closed. I got a day ticket for the bus, and decided to just stay on it till it got back to my stop. I had to stand up, so only had one hand to hold closed my coat. was getting alot of attention from the guys who got on and off the bus, lots of staring when they thought I wasn't looking. However the closest I came to being caught out was when a bunch of sixth form boys (for those of you not in the UK, sixth form is just after school, so these guys would have been 17-18). They took a look at me, and decided to come over and chat, joking about ect. Was very exciting to be stood talking to them, wearing just a coat over my lingerie, if only they knew!
  • More from Natalie: Find an adult video store, one with video booths, as well as sells clothing Go there and head back to the booths, go into one. Next, strip completely naked, and toss your clothes outside of the booth, then have a seat, and enjoy the videos for about half an hour. Once you're done, if your clothes are still there, go ahead and get dressed, if not, well, I guess you'll have to do a little shopping before leaving the establishment.

    If you're feeling extra adventurous, leave the door to the booth slightly open.

    I was very excited to be doing this. I dressed in old clothes (which proved a good thing!) and went along to a sex shop I knew had booths. When I walked it I definitely turned the heads of the couple of guys in there, and the guy working. I quickly slipped into a booth and put some money in the slot to set the video running. I removed my jeans, t shirt, socks bra and panties, and tossed them out of the booth, and left the door open slightly so people could see in, but didn't look out. the only thing I kept were my shoes, which were strappy high heels. For the next half an hour or so, I was watching the videos, and playing with myself, and I am pretty sure I had a rather appreciative audience, as when I stuck my head out to grab my clothes, I got a large cheer.

    Unfortunately my clothes where gone!! Walking out into the store in just the high heels and holding my purse, I took a quick look round at what sort of "clothes" they had on offer. I settled for a sexy thong, fishnet stockings, and a french maids outfit. had all the guys watching me as I shopped, and then dressed in the middle of the store. Walking out, I stopped at the door way, and blew everyone a kiss :)

    Jumped into a taxi to get home, and am really surprised we didn't crash, since I am sure the driver spent all his time staring in his mirror at me ;)

  • Sara: Go shopping with a sign stuck on your back saying 'idiot'.
  • Sara: Go out wearing trousers (girls this one) with the fly zip undone and either bare underneath or very bright panties.
  • Sara: Go out for a meal in a hotel as a single female, dining alone, without the means to pay for it. Negotiate with a male customer to pick up the tab.
  • Sara: Going for a drive with very little petrol and minmal clothing - not knowing if you will get home or not without needing to ask for assistance (treat this with great care girls, it may be dangerous).
  • Sara: Remove bra in public underneath sweater or t-shirt. It's not hard but gets you noticed.
  • Take your girl for a walk dressed skimpily with a dog-collar and lead on her.
  • With or without the dog-collar and lead, in a bar make your girl do a sit-up-and beg routine for treats and drinks like a dog.
  • Sara: go to a business meeting with a huge ladder in your tights or stockings.
  • Wear a necklace with letters from it reading 'Slut', not your name
  • Go out wearing a t-shirt cut so short that it barely covers the breasts, showing some of the bra beneath or breast if you look good enough without one. The t-shirt carries the logo 'Yes I swallow'.

Humiliation or dares involving sexual use

This section just started - suggestions welcome and see also my humiliation page.
  • Pose topless in front of a public landmark and have your picture published somewhere that it will be seen
  • Dress your girl as an airhead bimbo. Just before going to the shopping centre, make her suck you till you cum, but on strict instructions not to swallow until permitted. Take her round the shops asking her questions, allowing her only to shake her head or nod. Humiliation occurs on two levels - the knowledge of what she's doing plus the fact that the staff think she is really dumb.
  • If cum play isn't appropriate, stuff her mouth with her panties and do the same as above.
  • Gary writes (having supplied the illustration on the right):
    I was having a look through your website and found it very interesting. Some parts particularly the humilliation really appealed to me. I am always on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration.
    One that I thought up myself worked very well. It was more "a bit of fun", but involved D/s and Humilliation. I used my computer and iron on t-shirt printing paper to make my partner/sub a t-shirt. On the shirt was a picure of two hand prints over her tits and undernearth the wording: "Yes, you can Feel My Tits"
    She has only wore it once yet, to the BBB, but I have other outings planned.
    The rules of the scene are that if anyone wants to feel her tits, she has to let them. If they feel over her shirt, slide their hands under it, or lift it up, exposing her breasts and then have a good feel, her responce is the same, she just lets them do it.
    One chap lifted her t-shirt right up in the crowded canteen there and had a really good grope

Humiliation for sissy males

  • Tan in a bikini and ensure that you have sharp bikini tan lines. Maintain that tan for an extended peroid. Wait to hear the comments of other men in the gym or swimming pool changing rooms.
  • Brenda Michelle: says 'Have the sissy get a belly button piercing with a pink jewel in it. If you can make the piercing difficult to remove. Also a butterfly, flower or other girly tattoo an inch or two below the belly button is good. Something rather large. Another good idea is a girly tattoo on the tailbone or one that wraps around the hips. It is better if it is seen on the front near the clitty cock.