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Doug's Slut Training Page: Dressing to Please

It should go without saying that sluts undergoing training need to dress to please their masters. The Master will choose what suits him and the slut will presumably be persuaded through fair means or foul to comply. What suits the Master will vary with time. He may choose her wear on aesthetic grounds to show her off and display her body to his taste for his and his friends and associates' pleasure. He may select forms of clothing as a punishment; some girls are very conscious of ttheir public image and so graduated forms of humiliation can be applied by a Master with the intelligence to pick well. He may enjoy having her wear fetish or exhibitionist clothes in public or his taste may run to expensive glamour wear. He might prefer grungy clothing that emphasises the slut's body and her submission. The range is endless! For tips on day-to-day clothing, look at the dressing the floozy page.

From my own perspective, I do not have one chosen and preferred style of dress. I do like glamorous, sexy, exhibitionist and fetishistic outfits (combining all four is often possible) but also like to be flexible and versatile. In private I will usually insist on clothing that reinforces the slut's submission and sexual availability. I find that clothing that enhances her body and amplifies her display of her genitals and breasts helps continually to remind her that she has to submit herself and hand her body and the use of it over to me. Some men will insist on nakedness but I find that unimaginative and less appealing than a slut who is well-displayed and whose clothing has been chosen to complement her situation.

In public there is a huge range of opportunities. If your interest leans towards humiliation, women who pride themselves on their fashion sense can be nicely humiliated by forcing them to dress in appalling combinations of unsuitable clothes and smile at their discomfort and embarrassment. One of my own favourite methods of humiliating women in public is to make them dress much too young and in completely inappropriate ways: an overweight middle-aged woman in a tight red leather microskirt, high heels and a see-through top is quite a sight and will usually get plenty of unwelcome attention and comments.

My tastes are often not for overtly exhibitionist wear in public. I enjoy seeing women look sexy and attractive and it's always rewarding to see other men wanting them. For that reason I will choose attention-grabbing rather than tarty at least part of the time. I have had quite a lot of success in getting relatively plain-looking trainees to smarten up their images, taking much more care over their hair, makeup, fitness and level of public presentation. To see a woman who started out as just an anonymous face in the crowd turn into a head-turner provides me with a lot of satisfaction. Most of the time it will inevitably involve high heels, stockings, short skirts and tight tops combined with real attention to other personal grooming. Complementing your preferred regime of public apparel with suitable display training is of course a must.

As an aside, several of the women who I know who see their slutty side as a part-time activity separate from the rest of their work and personal relationships clearly get a major kick from being able to let go and act the whore or the bimbo instead of being needed to keep control in their professional lives.

Moving on from head turning, there is also a lot of fun to be had from deliberately exploring exhibitionist and sexually explicit outfits. Most girls enjoy dressing up so it is suprisingly easy with most of them to move from daring though uncontroversial to very revealing and blatant wear. The minority who don't enjoy it can be forced into it with an appropriate amount of discipline and that should provide most Masters with some extra pleasure. My enjoyment comes either from choosing the outfits myself and forcing the slut to comply or - and just as rewarding - making her complicit in the plan. Several sluts of my acquaintance have rapidly joined in the fun and if you find one that's willing and has good taste, you can get her involved in finding suitable sources of clothing and ideas by scouring catalogues and the Internet.

Advanced Stages

Probably the most rewarding occasions that I recall have involved dressing the slut in extremely provocative outfits and parading her in public, but only after careful preparation. Getting her ready for public exhibition will involve much more than just dressing her right. When she's fully trained, here is the schedule I will use:
  1. Start by insisting that she is in good physical shape, her hair is well done and her eyebrows, nails, makeup and choice of jewellery are all of the highest level
  2. Instruct her to wear no perfume of any kind and to desist from routine washing of her genitals to ensure that a good aroma starts to build up
  3. To improve the smell of her pussy, fuck her regularly and leave copious amounts of cum inside her - two weeks of that regime should have her nicely ripe
  4. Before dressing her, have her stand naked and wide-legged before you
  5. Pull hard on her nipples and clamp them tightly either with nipple lassoes or small elastic bands. They should be painful but not extreme and should be tight enough to make the nipples swell up
  6. Then bind her breasts tightly at the base to force them forwards and out. The ideal effect is to make the breasts swollen and very firm, jutting out directly forward from her ribcage
  7. Briefly fuck her to provide extra cum in her pussy
  8. Make her pull her pussy open and with a teaspoon, scoop out all fluids you can find and spread them liberally over her swollen breasts and coat the insides of her thighs too
  9. Wet two fingers inside her, then probe her arse deeply. Smear her breasts with the extra goo you find in that way and repeat until there is a strong and unmistakable aroma rising from her
  10. Take a narrow plug-harness and push a buttplug and dildo into her, strapping it tight around her. Use one that leaves her pussy flaps free
  11. Attach clamps to her pussy lips and hang weights from them. I use some lead "paternoster" fishing weights that I have had for years on about 2 inches of line. If she is masochist enough and can stand the pain, you could try using real fish hooks pushed through the flesh but there are not many girls who can tolerate that
  12. Dress her in a very short skirt - the base of the weights should line up with the hem of the skirt when she stands
  13. Other items of dress will be to your taste, but I would certainly choose a top that does as little as possible to conceal her erect breasts and nipples
  14. Then take her out to be admired

A girl prepared in that way is usually in an extremely heightened state of arousal. Walking on high heels, plugged and weighted, she will adopt a style of walking that is immediately distinctive and attracts a lot of attention. The strong sexual aroma that she exudes will also be noticed (not least by herself). Interestingly many men will simply register "sexy", whilst the many more women will identify what the unusual aroma is and recognise what you are doing with the slut. The ideal situation will be where after an hour or so, you can find a suitable place to bend her over, remove her buttplug, fuck her arse and then extract even more strong-smelling fluids from her and repaint her breasts. The well trained slut will eagerly participate and will gladly demonstrate her service to you by sucking your cock and fingers clean afterwards, before walking even taller and more proudly than before, providing a big turn-on to everyone who sees her.

For less overt submissiveness, often useful in the case of girls who are exhibitionists or who can be persuaded to be, but aren't in fact yet fully trained sluts, suitable forms of dress can help in progressing their development. Some flattery about her figure, some gentle persuasion, and you may be able to get your girl dressed like the delightful creature on the right. This outfit is close to perfect in that it shows her off as if naked yet one can pretend that she's dressed, it gives instant access to her breasts (taking hold of them and enjoying them can be presented to her as an act of affection and desire rather than control and use if you are persuasive enough) and it also gives a lovely view of her pussy when she's sitting. In the earlier stages of training she can wear it with a thong underneath but of course later that will be dispensed with. Encourage her to believe it's the last statement in sexy fashion. If you are really lucky, some of her friends will copy it too and provide pleasure to anyone who wishes to feast their eyes.

Ms C writes

Ms C contacted me saying that she and her husband have been avid readers of this website and it has given them both ideas on dress and presentation:
"Let me start by telling you what we were doing before we found your web page. Then I will add what we have adopted from it, future plans, my new fashion "look". etc.

We always vacation at the beach. During our vacations we play "sex vacation". My hubby is in charge of what I wear, when I wear it and when we have sex. You have that same info. Some of the beaches have been tops optional and you could wear thongs. I have no problem going topless on the beach so yes I have some exhibitionist in me. Other than that and some playing in the car we never put it all together and expanded on it to include all our activities. We never knew it actually had a name either. Slut works for me.

Due to circumstances at home we cannot use "the scenario" as we call it, on a daily basis. The version we are putting together is a soft core version of your ideas. We are putting together a guide, complete with photos of our fav things to do, places to do them and what we require from each other. A lot based on the ideas from you.

Our goal is to use the scenario when we get the chance, weekends away, vacations, etc.I have been searching for some time now for a fashion look totally new for me. Something slutty but that can be dressed up or down. I have the basic ideas of what i want and have purchased a lot already.

Im 40-something, and HOLDING. lol , 5ft. 8in. tall, around 130 pounds at last check, reddish brown hair, green eyes. I try very hard to keep in shape and keep a tan but you know how that is with a career. I have always liked to dress sexy when I could, hubby luvs this part, About a year ago I decided that I needed a total change in fashions. After searching the web forever I finally found a look that we really like. Top- deep scoop neck made from a clingy knit fabric. Worn with or without a bra. Allows me to show as much or as little as I want.

  • Skirts- Same fabrics as the tops. Mini length, from mid thigh to butt cheek length.
  • Shoes - pumps / court shoes. They have to be at least a 5in. heel.
  • Bra- if worn, half cup style.
  • Thongs and G strings.
  • Accessories- Ankle sox with ruffle tops, all jewelry must be silver and plain, purse / handbag in clear plastic theres a reason it has to be clear, shiny patent belts.
Its a simple selection but has many possibilities. We even decided on 3 basic colors so they can be mixed and matched. black, red, white. This style allows me to have my new look and fit the slut look with fashions my hubby and I both like."
Here are some of her pictures, showing her original sex game look, some ideas for outfits found from the web and finally dressed in her new look. She is keen to hear from other couples who have similar ideas. You can contact her through the contact form

Earlier style frock

Early style

Dressing for show

New look idea

New look idea

New look idea

New look

New look

New look

New look






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