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Doug's Slut Display Training Page

Any slut in training needs to be given a proper framework for her behaviour. As other pages on this site propose, you need to take the raw material provided by nature and work with the grain most of the time, encouraging, cajoling, teaching and from time to time forcing the trainee into the right frame of mind and patterns of activity. I don't believe too much trying to teach a cat to bark or a dog to stalk mice so I mostly try to find a way to bring out natural inclinations instead of using heavy-handed brutality except where circumstances dictate that it is the only option.

Training sluts to display properly is one of the many rewarding activities that befall the Master or trainer. Society in general encourages modesty: submissive girls in particular tend to prefer the rôle of shrinking violet rather than extravert party animal. Yet from raw beginnings such as those, a skilled practitioner can mould a display slut that will be the talk of any party or social gathering (if you wish) or alternatively simply a delight for your personal enjoyment.

Every trainer will have a set of personal preferences. Here I can only speak of my own but I know that I represent a mainstream body of opinion, though I welcome other views and suggestions. If you have your own views on the subject, let me know through the contact form on my home page and I will be pleased to incorporate them when I can.

I see display training as meeting a number of needs. It can play a part in humiliation training, sometimes as a punishment, but in my case it's principally for my own pleasure and a way of demonstrating that the slut is well-trained and obedient. Body positioning and display behaviour also embed well into a regime that incorporates dressing to please and public exhibiting.

The well-trained slut will learn your preferred positions for exhibition. You will start by taking the basics, numbering or naming them as it suits you, then showing her how to perform them. It's important that you also set firm and observable guidelines about when the positions are to be adopted. The very basic position of legs parted and pussy pulled open (most trainers's 'position one' or 'standard pose') is suitable in a wide range of situations such as greeting you and your guests when in private, in the back of a London cab (the rear-facing seat behind the driver is ideal for this) or while travelling as a passenger in your car.

The first stage of display training involves showing the slut how and when you want this basic position to be adopted. As the trainer, it's up to you to ensure that she fully understands that you are serious about this and you will have to overcome her initial resistance and shyness. In backward cases you may prefer to take this through two stages; teaching her first of all that it's expected in private (physical punishment can help you to establish your regime); once she is fully trained to private basic display you can take her forward to appropriate public situations too. My own sluts are well aware that they are expected to adopt this basic pose at all suitable opportunities and understand the consequences if they disobey or fail to please.

Part of the basic training involves teaching her what constitutes a situation requiring display. My taste is to have her adopt the basic display position whenever we are in private or entertaining guests and to encourage her to make it second nature. She shouldn't have to be asked to do it, it must become an ingrained response which is adopted immediately and without thinking. This won't happen immediately and there is often backsliding and complaining. The Master's task is to overcome this using whatever works, including not only the carrot but oftentime the stick as well.

There are numerous display positions. Sample images that I've collected are listed below. I used to maintain a full gallery of those positions but have had to retire them due to hosting costs. As one of the illustrations shows, she shouldn't think that she's exused from display while you are using some other part of her. The girl opening herself wide whilst being used for anal sex has clearly understood her instructions and is demonstrating what would be expected of the well-trained, obedient slut who is proud to demonstrate her skills.

I'm rather disappointed with the range of images available since there is a much wider range of posing styles and positions to choose from, but my own sluts sensibly object to the effect on their professional lives if they are identifiable in any public pictures, so I have had to rely on images collected from the web for the set above. I welcome thoughtful contributions to this part of the site.

The desired goal of the training process is a girl who knows the dozen or so preferred positions of her Master, who immediately an unselfconciously positions herself according to her instructions when the opportunity arises and who has learned to respond to a whisper of 'position seven' in her ear by immediately taking up the position no matter what the situation is. I enjoy using it as a test of her obedience in public places: on an escalator in the London Underground, or on the steps up to the upper deck of a bus, or sitting in a bar - the opportunities are limitless and the pleasure to be had is extensive.

In most spheres of life you will find a few natural great performers surrounded by many more people whose talents and enthusiasm are wanting. There's no difference when it comes to display training. A few lithe and supple performers instinctively understand what you are looking for and adapt instantly. For the most part you won't be dealing with one of those and will have to overcome shyness, reluctance or embarrassment if not outright rebellion. Instead of being annoyed a good Master will relish the task of overcoming difficulties like those and work patiently to guide and direct his pupil until she becomes the best performer that her natural ability will permit. Unlike other forms of education there is an extra payback; if the pupil does find herself ashamed or embarrassed, those emotions are intimately involved with humiliation and can usefully be put to your advantage.

As well as the basic physical positioning you are working towards a shift of attitude. Your slut must reach the stage where her choice of posture and accessibility, both physically and visually, are instinctive. That is the crucial foundation and it can be built upon in a number of ways. Careful choice of clothing at home and outside are excellent ways of enhancing the experience, as are physical aids such as piercings, body jewellery and spreading devices. Here are a few suggestions for ways of ensuring that you enjoy the view of your playmate:

  • It's your decision whether to keep her shaved or not. I prefer shaved but not everyone does. In either situation, she should be trained to keep her pussy lips as attractive as the ones on her mouth by the careful application of lipstick.
  • Spreaders or viewing tubes seem to be impossible to obtain commercially (does anyone have any links to good suppliers) but they are very useful devices. I use a range of widths of clear plastic tubing with the edges carefully rounded. They can be slid into place to spread her open and show her holes in depth. If you do use these, hygiene is very important. Never use them on more than one person and ensure that they are kept scrupulously clean and disinfected. They can be inserted temporarily while she is lying down or more permanently. To keep them in place, drill small holes through the outer end and attach light cords which you can arrange in the form of a harness.
  • Piercings through the inner lips of her pussy can be used with weights to gradually extend the lips (a personal favourite) and also as a way of pulling them open. You might like to consider attaching garters around her thighs and elastic from the garters to her lips. Careful adjustment of the elastic will give her a remarkable sensation when she walks as well as immediately spreading her when she parts her legs.
  • I was very impressed at a party I attended to see two girls arranged as drinking-cups. Specialised 'chairs' had been built which the girls lay on; their heads down, pussies upwards and with the trunks of their bodies at around 45° to the vertical. Their legs were arranged in a wide open V shape horizontally. Both had had closed clear tubes inserted into them and held in place by clear PVC panties with a small hole. Guests could have their drinks poured into the girls and then drink from them with a straw. A raffle for charity was held with each of the winners getting the prize of drinking champagne from one of the girls and simultaneously being sucked by her.
  • Nipple, clitoris and other jewellery is available in a wide range of styles. You can choose simple lassos which don't need her to be pierced but if she is then there is a much more interesting selection to choose from.