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Cuckolded and Submissive Men

When you are strong willed and like to take control yourself, it's surprising to find that not all men are the same. I know that it's entirely normal and that there is no reason why men shouldn't be submissive any more than women should be but I guess I was just a bit slow on the uptake and it's normal for us all to think that the rest of the world is cast in our own shape. Why on earth the whole world of female domination, the Miss-Whiplash-Dominatrix scene hadn't sunk in to me earlier, I just don't know. It was rammed firmly home the first time I visited one of the London S/M clubs though and I found it very entertaining to watch sissy boys being treated with contempt by the Dommes there.

There's a huge range of forms of submissive behaviour in men. This site isn't focused on female domination of men and you will have to look for that elsewhere if that's your predominant interest. What has interested me more is submissive couples or couples where the woman is dominant and the man is a wimpy sissy slut. I've known a number socially and played with some as well as myself having a Dominant relationship with a submissive couple.

There is a strong tradition of strong, dominant women holding their husbands in submission and forcing them to serve in much the same way as I would use a female slave: being dressed in humiliating outfits (French Maid seems to be very common), making them behave subserviently in public, name-calling, use as a toilet and the whole range of typical dominant/submissive training and humiliation plays.

Though I'm not an expert on it I have watched with considerable interest as the pro Dommes have used cock and ball torture, orgasm control and pain as tool to control submissive men. There are, I'm sure, websites by the hundred that deal with this in detail. What I'll do is go on to describe my experience with a couple who were both submissive.

J and D were a submissive couple in their late twenties or early thirties who contacted me via a friend. Both wanted to learn to serve and both wanted a Master who would teach them how they should behave and dress in public as well as in private. They were attractive, professional and well-groomed but both yearned to have control and direction introduced to their lives. He in particular was very submissive and had begged her to dominate him in their relationship but it was obvious to an outside observer that that was what she wanted from him too. It was starting to cause friction between them and, being intelligent, they concluded that the best way was to introduce an external source of management.

I met them both for a drink in a bar, first of all together, then I sent first one and then the other to a separate table whilst I asked each in turn if that was really what they felt they desired. Since both agreed, I agreed to take them on.

Training the girl was according to my usual principles. Since she was attractive and slightly haughty the most suitable measures included dressing her as a tart in public and making her crawl and grovel in private. She was never able to move on to use as a toilet, she had a bad physical reaction to being pissed on which I felt was rather a shame, but seeing her dressed in pvc fetish wear and forced to eat her meals from a dog bowl in front of me was a reasonable substitute. The ways she was trained are well covered in the other pages of this site, she was trained in display in private, forced to exhibit herself and she dressed to my taste once she had learned what I required. typically meeting me at the door to their flat in my favourite outfit. After six months I had her nipples pierced too, with a tag of ownership hanging from each ring (the pet shop gave us odd looks as we had the tags engraved).

Dealing with the boy was a very interesting learning experience for me. We started by obliging him to dress as a woman whilst she came out with me dressed as a tart and it was a treat to see his face as I fondled and kissed her in public, making sure that other men could see her breasts and pussy as I moved her clothing around. She was very embarrassed by those kinds of things and this discomforted him even more. She never took terribly well to being made to fuck his ass with a strapon while I fucked her from behind, but I made her do it all the same.

In private he was forced to wear a cock-and-ball cage as well as the French Maid outfit and serve us drink whilst I put her through her paces. If he stiffened at all when he saw her on display in front of us, his cock received a whipping from my riding-crop. As I grew to know what worked with him we graduated up the scale of humiliation. He was never comfortable watching me fucking his wife so of course I made sure that he saw plenty of that.

He got used to seeing me using his wife as my plaything and being dressed and treated as a sissy. It was soon time to move him on to greater humiliation, so next I trained him how to suck my cock and rim my ass while I made his wife kiss me and have her tits played with. Gradually I trained him to take deep throat and to get on his hands and knees and ask politely if he could taste my cum.

One day he was in that position and instead of putting my cock in his mouth I peed into it instead. He gagged and I slapped him, telling him that he must learn to serve properly. Reluctantly he opened his mouth and took the hot stream. Out of the corner of my eye I could see his wife starting to masturbate as I did that, it was obvious to anyone that she got a huge charge out of seeing him doing it. Because she didn't have permission I had to punish her for it, breaking off from the peeing and telling him to keep his mouth full whilst I did so. I left her with her pussy glowing bright red from the punishment and her hands tied to the bedstead so she couldn't masturbate any more. I went back and finished the pissing, then told him to hold his mouth open full of pee while I gave myself a handjob and eventually came into his piss-filled mouth, then told him to swallow. By the end of that she was gagging to be fucked so I gave her the job of sucking me until I stiffened and I used her in front of him, then sat back and admired my handywork. I could tell that they had both found the situation that they needed.

We eventually got into a routine where we regularly used him (both of us) for peeplay because it aroused her so much. I trained her as my fucktoy and after we'd know each other for a while, went through the necessary tests to be able to dispense with condoms. He loved the humiliation of having to watch me fuck his wife, cum inside her pussy, then have her squat over his face while he sucked and licked the semen out of her before she was allowed to piss into his mouth.

I was surprised to find that I enjoyed dominating men as well as women, but then I went on to try male-on-male domination and it just didn't work for me. It seems that with a couple it works for me, but not without some female involvement. The human libido is a funny thing.

There is, so it seems, a long tradition of male cuckold fantasy that involves having their wives used as toys by other men, though not all of those who want it are submissive themselves. I've met several at swinging parties: not all of the guys who go want to get involved in the fun themselves, they are just as happy to watch others using their wives. I've also met numerous women who get off on keeping their husbands celibate whilst obliged to watch the woman with her lover. If you know of good meeting places for people who enjoy that kind of thing, let me know and I'll post links here.

For those who dream of cleaning their wife or girlfriend after she has been serviced by her Bull, this picture will stimulate your desires - this woman is showing the effects of having three guys come in and on her - now she's waiting for your tongue if you dare.

A good description of cuckold fantasies can be found written by Cuckold Paul who explains what it is that he seeks and why. You might also find the Ultimate Cuckold website of interest.

Julie and her Sissy

Julie wrote to me:

Hi Doug Julie here I'm a mature married slut with a cuckold hubby in tow - we are both in our mid 60s. Maybe my photos will inspire some of the more mature readers?

Chuck and Laura

Via Yahoo came this message:

Hi There, Chuck and Laura from N. Carolina in the US...we are an 'open' cpl in which L is a Howtife and big pantyhose fetish...would love to add some hose pics for your page and loved all the info that it provides for beginners...wish we had it years ago when we started, but are thankful for it and wanted to say so...
And in response to a request for some photos, here we have some very appealing shots. Not only is Laura very cute, she does indeed have excellent taste in dressing to please!