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Breast Enhancement - Implants for sluts, bimbos and sexual slaves

Shall I do it?

I'm often asked in my position of trusted advisor, "Doug, should I have my breasts enhanced?" or "Doug, can a girl's breasts ever be too large?". This is obviously a source of some confusion and concern, so it would only be right to help clear it up.

You could be a girl in the process of becoming a better slut or bimbo, or a Master thinking about how to transform his slave. Whichever way around, this is a big step and one that needs to be thought about before acting. After all the cost is considerable and you need to get the right results.

First of all, to the question of whether it should be done. Naturally I'd have to see the girl we're talking about, but in general there are not many girls who can't be improved upon. Face up to it: every girl looks better care if her hair is cut well, it's coloured appropriately (no, not always blonde, there are some it doesn't suit) and her nails are well manicured and painted. Even if she has the perfect face, with skin like an alabaster sculpture by Michelangelo, it can still be improved with the careful selection of mascara and makeup. No slut worthy of the name would ever go out in public without makeup and a thoughtfully selected outfit, maybe first of all pumping her nipples to make them stand out. Appearance is important. She and you need to be able to look at that body and think 'Hot, hot hot'.

Nature simply doesn't provide a rack that a surgeon cannot improve upon. In reality, the only question is 'how big', not 'should I'. You have to say 'Yes'!

Nicely pumped


Small but firm

Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect




Brace of lovelies

If there is still any question about, this gallery of Ebay's most famous breasts will settle the dispute for ever.

How Big?

We already know the answer to the first question, so we'll have to look into the second now. Is it really possible to be too big? Naturally opinions vary on this so I conducted a poll amongst the international team of experts found in my local bar (The Bushranger in West London) to find out what they thought. I doubt if you will be surprised to hear that no consensus could be formed. Some guys think it's impossible to be too big whilst others have their doubts. The smartest answer is to ask another question, "Too big for what?"

What effect are you trying to create? If you want to have hottest body in town with fabulous tits but still need to hold down a normal job as pole dancer, stripper, receptionist or P.A. to a major executive, then the answer is "Yes, they can be too big". If they get in the way of what you want to achieve they are too big. But fortunately it's unlikely that you will reach that stage without using several sets of implants of increasing size (it takes time to stretch the skin), so you can judge for yourself when to stop. If in doubt, go bigger. A cup size of DDD is the absolute minimum that any girl should be aiming for and FFF or GGG is a worthwile aspiration.

As a basic guide, the size of the implants is measured in cc (cubic centimetres). Never accept less than the size of of the motorcyle that your lover rides. If you like small, cute, Japanese numbers you will be looking all-up at about 900cc-1100cc (that's 450cc-550cc per breast). The kind of biker trash girl that goes out with a Harley rider will, therefore, be looking at a minimum of 1600cc, or 800cc per breast. Your surgeon and your mechanic will be able to advise you further on this important part of the decision. If it's true love, go for the full size on each side. The results are spectacular.

If your job is more out-of-the-ordinary, perhaps full-time porno film star or glamour model, it's harder to give definite guidance as to when to stop. I'd suggest asking your agent at that point and check it out with a few producers to get their opinion. It never hurts to find out what the market really needs and for that kind of information this website isn't authoritative.

The Procedures

You should go find out some qualified medical advice before choosing the procedure you want, the types of implants and who's the best surgeon to do the job. I'm not a qualified doctor, but having studied the subject here are a few observations that can help you make up your mind. (In response to numerous requests I have added some further information on this page.)

First of all, there are a number of ways of getting the implants in there. It used to be a common procedure to go in around the areola (that's the brown ring around the nipple), but that leads to inevitable scarring and the nipple might end up numb because the nerves have been disturbed. Definitely not recommended. Alternative routes are via the navel, or under-arm incicisions. These tend to give less visible scarring and are undoubtedly what I prefer to see.

Secondly - under the muscle or over? In the under-muscle version the implants are pushed under the chest muscles, but this takes more time for the surgeon and costs more. Over-muscle implants are simpler and cheaper. If you ask the surgeon which to go for, you are usually told that the more expensive gives the 'more natural' look and that the cheaper over-muscle version looks fake. So there is no contest on this one - not only is over-the-muscle cheaper, it looks less natural as well. Perfect! After all, there is NO point in taking on the cost and discomfort of a procedure that can result in a natural look. You want the world to know that these are implants, damn it! There's more about shape, feel and the natural look in the section below.

You may also find that it's possible to get inflatable implants which can have a little of the pressure let out of them for the day job, but pumped up for fun, play and fucking. Frankly I don't know if these really exist or it's just an urban myth, but the idea is an appealing one.

Paying for the Implants

It's always a problem for a working girl. The tax inspectors are rarely easily pursuaded that this is a legitimate business expense unless you are a porn star so you will probably have to find the cash yourself. You could try, as one girl did, running a website to get dumb saps to send you money, but that's hard work and requires you to think about writing and design - an unrealistic aspiration for the typical bimbo. Failing that you will just have to save and dig deep - but it's worth it, as the photo on the right shows, those girls are gorgeous and prove that you don't just have to be a stick-thin supermodel to benefit from an enhanced superstructure.

One interesting concept that could help you in the absence of a rich husband or boyfriend is the pussy mortgage. Some years back I was talking to a very attractive girl I met in a lap-dancing club who was, sadly, neglected by her genes when it came to the development of her balcony. She told me that should would do just about anything to get the money for implants so I suggested that she take out a mortgage on her pussy. The concept intrigued her and she wanted to learn more.

I offered her a straightforward contract. For the cost of the implants I'd own the deeds to her pussy for three years and nobody else would have the use of it without permission (i.e. the no sub-letting clause). During that time she'd provide full access to the property at least two times a week (negotiable, for example a one-week holiday of seven days together could be counted as 3-and-a-half weeks of normal usage). Each period of use would be counted as at least two hours free access to the mortaged property, or cumming inside it three times could, if she wished, allow her to declare that she had fulfilled the terms of the contract and leave before the two hours were over. If she chose to terminate the contract before its term was up, the full amount of the surgery cost plus legal expenses would become due in 30 days.

She looked sceptical, but the next time I went in to the club she said that she'd thought about it and would like to take out the mortgage. Naturally as soon as you get a lawyer involved lots of precise details and definitions had to be worked through. Before we could get the whole thing signed and sealed, she suggested it might just be easier if she moved in to my place as a maid for 18 months - I looked her up and down (she was very toothsome) and agreed. In the end, she got the implants, I got a live-in fuck-puppet for three years before she wanted to go travelling (she married a Greek shipping baron) and it worked out perfectly for all of us. Fair exchange is no robbery I say!

If you are girl in a similar position and wish to consider a mortgage, let me know. I currently have funds available for a uk-based trainee who understands what I will require of her. This will be part-time and is not incompatible with marriage or some other relationship that you may have.

Many more sources of inspiration can be found in this gallery or in the following before-and-after pictures, as well as those on the enhancement techniques page.











Shape and feel

A matter of personal preference again but I've seen too many pointless boobjobs to refrain from giving some advice. The breast implant industry is mostly fixated on the view that girls want to go a bit larger but still look 'natural'. Where this delusional view comes from is hard to say, but we are stuck with it. What's the point of looking natural when you don't have to? If we wanted to stay natural, we'd have still have dirt on our floors instead of carpets, tree bark on the walls and cook mammoth-meat over open fires: the world has moved on and technology is for improving on nature, not duplicating it.

Mother nature gives the best breasts to teenagers: firm, projecting and eye-catching. Then gravity, feeding kids and general wear and tear means that the firmness goes and the nipples head ever downwards. That's what a boob job fixes for you. You don't want the same saggy tits but bigger, you want ultra-firm, projecting in-your-face tits that older women tut-tut over and cause a screech of brakes at junctions as drivers are distracted.

You are are the one who is paying for these and they should be done right. Take no nonsense from the surgeon. Proper eye-catching breasts don't look natural at all, they should jut out from the chest like a teenager's, needing no bra to support them. They should be ultra-firm and barely give when they are squeezed; this is done by over-filling the implant in the same way that putting more air into a car tyre will make it harder. You are going to go large to turn heads and large natural breasts tend to be flabby, disappearing into the armpits when the girl lies down; yours, however, should be so firm that there is discernable difference between when you are standing up or lying down. Trust me, your lover will find this extremely appealing. Firmness, projection and shape are much more important than absolute size, but don't short-change yourself on size or you will find yourself wishing you had gone bigger within a few months of the operation.

Examples of some of the best firm breasts around include the models Jenny Poussin, Caylian Curtis and Aletta Ocean. The photos below are selected to show what I mean about firmness and projection. Pay attention to the look and the shape, as well as the way the breasts don't sag or fold whether she's standing up or lying down. Accept nothing less for yourself and you will be happy with the result.

Aletta Ocean

Aletta Ocean has one of the best pairs I've seen. The first three photos are of her with natural breasts, showing why nature can and should be improved upon; a shame that a such pretty girl was given an uninspiring bust. Her first set of implants show a clear improvement, but are relatively small (though nicely shaped and firm), so, smart girl that she is, she's gone larger and even firmer in the final set. Notice how well the breasts keep their shape in every position - an inspiration to us all.

small and dull



medium, much better

medium, nice shape

medium, firm

large, good shape


lovely projection


Jenny Poussin

Jenny is a lovely girl and I've always enjoyed talking to her, though it's not always easy to drag your eyes away from her wonderful figure. She's short and petite and her DD sized implants look remarkable on her tiny frame. She's another example of why it pays to go firm and concentrate on shape rather than simply aiming for huge. I know she would like to go up in size one day, but in the meantime, let's enjoy these beautiful breasts and be glad that such a pretty girl has been able to complement her figure and face with equally lovely curves.

perfect shape




tempting too

Caylian Curtis

A fit and graceful model - as anyone who has seen her videos will confirm - this charming girl is another who shows what a medium-sized and firm pair of implants can do to add real eye-appeal to a trim figure. The way her breasts retain their proud shape in any pose is something that all surgeons should study as they perfect their technique. Once again, a real improvement on nature and a treat for the eyes. And proof that you don't have to go huge to look hot.


lovely shape

beautiful curve

great when lying

oiled delight


The inestimable Mr Benson (whose many interesting pay websites include wrote to me to tell me about his protégé Tigerr, who has joined him as a bimbo slut in training. Her 34B chest was a clear-cut case for improvement so he arranged a trip to Vancouver for her to have 720cc implants inserted using the trans-maxillary (under the armpit) technique. The first picture below was taken almost immediately after surgery, still clearly showing the marks the surgeon used to ensure alignment and balance of the delicious new E-cup breasts. The other photos are taken just a day or two afterwards and it would be hard indeed not to applaud the jutting perfection of her new form. Finally, admire the way that her tits retain their shape when she's standing, or lying down after just being fucked (I was fortunate enough to be lent the use of her overnight once and took these photos of her as she underwent some bimboslut training).

immediately after surgery

teasing Doug

new bimbo outfit

Hyde Park, London

entering the room

ideal firmness

no change in shape

no change in shape

after fucking

dressed for dinner


Since writing about my first pussy mortgage I've had a steady stream of slightly crazy girls (and some guys) writing to me with enquiries. One of them made more sense than most and one thing led to another. Here's her story:
Bigger tits, my tale!

It was always a joke in my family, the way I glued myself to the telly when Jane Russell or Marilyn Monroe or Diana Dors was on. Mae West, Dolly Parton, anyone with a bust and blonde hair held me transfixed; the way they used their bodies like a musician uses an instrument. I was awestruck and enraptured with their charm, womanhood and sexyness. How else could a woman be? I built my own fantasy world where every woman had the body of a goddess yet the men were strong and manly enough not to be overcome by the radiant blast of sheer seduction that suffused every moment. My bedroom was full of Barbie dolls and in my early teens I tore through all the bodice-rippers in our local library seasoned with a very liberal dose of Mickey Spillane and Raymond Chandler. Strong men and sexy women populated my parallel universe, which, instead of fading away as I got older, developed deeper and darker textures becoming more psychological and less based on tits hair and whiskey-drinking chainsmokers. I never had any difficulty separating my dreamworld from the real world apart from a deep conviction, well, knowledge really, that when I grew boobs of my own they would be bullet-shaped G-cup monsters.

Nobody told me that my real-life tits were not connected to dreamworld. I knew dreamworld was dreamworld and realworld was realword but I felt a bitter blow when around 15 years old I realised that whilst I had D-cup friends I was shaping up for a pert, firm, tiny B. I had to get used to it because I'm a practical girl so I dated and studied and went on to do my PhD and almost forgot about it when bang! Suddenly out of the blue it all came flooding back and I got a yearning to be one of those busty sirens so much I could almost taste it. It's a very weird feeling wanting something that much.

I read around the net and stumbled onto Doug's site amongst a pile of other bimbo sites. I got intrigued by 'bimbo transformation' and flirted with men online who claimed they could help. What a bunch of creeps most of them were with their set scripts and lack of imagination. Amongst them I found myself emailing and chatting with Doug sometimes. Though he tried to get into my pants too at least he didn't start with the same stock phrases every time we spoke. The yearning faded somewhat as I wrote my thesis but when the pressure of study was off and I finally got a proper job it came back again as strong as before. That taste in my mouth again. I wrote to Doug again. I was saving money for implants but pay is difficult and it wasn't adding up quickly. I did some role-play bimbo chores for Doug and started enjoying it. Half way through teasing him one night I said that if he wanted me for real it would be in return for the implants and I thought he was teasing when he sent me an outline agreement: my pussy in return for the boobs, his 'pussy mortgage' idea. I laughed it off and I know he was teasing me at least as much. We lost touch for maybe 3 months and then I thought to myself fuck it, I want this. I wrote back to him saying if he was serious I'd do it, expecting him to say it was all a joke. Instead he wrote back saying he might do it but not with 'some fantasist at the other end of Yahoo'.

We met. We argued. We argued and we argued and we argued. Doug expects submission and I'm not. I expect my men to reach out take what they want and my women control them subtly by seduction, words and the unread language of the eyes. Doug doesn't do 'being controlled'. I was chair of our debating society and I like to twist words. Doug likes to twist nipples. We argued about what, about how, about where. He has a twinkle in those blue-grey eyes of his and a hypnotic persuasion in his voice: I have a will of steel except when it's melted.

We hammered out a compromise. Doug wanted to own my pussy for three years, I said eighteen months. He said a six-month probationary period before I got the tits, I said three months. He wanted total obedience, I wanted well-defined limits including no sharing. My ace card was that I had half the money already. We met half way but I think he thinks he got a better deal than he expected. He's scarily bright and he negotiates with style. I kept my job, my flat and some of my personal life, he got me at least twice a week for play sessions and lust. A contract was inked and signed.

I started my probationary period as bimbo-in-training. I enjoyed the changes to my dress style and agreed to play along with the submissive cocktoy expectations in public, but in private we had some disagreements (for which I was soundly spanked). I thought it would be tough and at times it was but I found myself looking forward to our regular sessions.

Having my labia pierced was not fun. When they healed though I was sooo proud of the rings down there. They might have signified ownership to Doug; to me they spoke of my womanhood and I love them.

The day came for the boob job. I was scared but excited. When I came round I felt sick for week and as if a train had hit me. Oh, then I saw them! Proper tits, torpedoes on my chest, I can't see my feet any more ... bliss, bliss, heavenly tits.

When I could walk Doug surprised me. Two tiny locks for the labia rings: "If I can't rent the cunt out, neither can you" he said and he locked me! That's when I knew how far I had come because if any other man had said that to me I would have laid him out that instant. Instead I was touched by it and proud of them.

My year and half as seductive vamp-bimbo was mostly fun. I could flirt and pout as much as I wanted to and I wore some outrageous clothes. There was no need to worry about a jealous boyfriend because Doug encouraged it, I was locked chaste and I knew I was going to be fucked by him later. If I got disrespectful I was corrected and that had its moments of tension but there was no serious argument. The least pleasant parts were when I didn't feel horny or sexy but Doug rang up and insisted on enjoying his property. I'm sure many girls have had worse experiences than that sometimes so I'm not complaining. I went on three week-long business trips with him as his paid whore and loved that role, again feeling empowered by the freedom, not used.

At the end of my eighteen months we met and had a ceremonial bottle of champagne followed by my last fuck as his property. I was emotional as Doug handed me back the keys to his pussy and told me it was mine again. He doesn't know it but I like the locks so much I keep them in there and will do till I have a proper boyfriend. We have met a few times since the official ending of the contract and I think we are good friends. We still fuck sometimes but at last I'm able to say no. When I meet him I go unlocked because I want to demonstrate that I'm not property now. He'll be surprised to hear about me keeping the locks in.

My advice to other girls contemplating it? If you get an offer, do you know it's for real? Can you trust him, are you willing to sign a contract? I think I was lucky that it worked ok for me most of the time. And now I have heavenly tits, it's worth the backache.

Nipple Enhancement

As they say in the UK "There's no point in spoiling the ship for a ha'porth of tar". In plainer words, it's a great shame to put in a lot of effort and then not finish the job nicely. As a well-constructed building still needs decorating, beautiful tits, supported with implants, are not finished if attention isn't also paid to the nipples. With the chest swelling to perfection, nothing can put the finishing touches to it better than properly presented nipples.

Though opinions vary I believe that nipples should be firm, prominent and pierced. Alternatives to piercing include lassoos, clamps, shields and various other forms of nipple ornament. A girl isn't properly dressed if she isn't wearing something suitable to enhance her nipples for her pleasure and that of all who see her.

The firmness and prominence can be achieved in various ways. You should talk to your cosmetic surgeon about nipple implants or collagen injections to add bulk to them; a good one will be able to help you. You can also investigate the short and medium-term effects of suction approaches. But best of all, I believe, is the effect that piercing can have. Simply piercing the nipple can be enough to make it swell and become more sensitive. After that you may choose to insert a large stud to stretch it for extra prominence, but, if you are really serious, you will finally conclude (as I have) that nipple-stretchers are the only way to go. The pictures below here will show you what's possible and I'm sure that like me you will reach the same conclusion.

Stretched and pumped

Nice presentation

Perfect beginner



More modest means?

Of course it's nice to dream but life is not always simple. The cost of breast enhancement or fears of surgery are often obstacles that can't be overcome and you are left with a wistful gaze at the lovely specimens above. All is not lost! For a very modest outlay you can still draw attention to your points of interest by putting nipple jewellery to use. For secret sluts in particular (young girls still living at home with strict parents perhaps, or an occasional fling outside your established relationship) there is a range of accessories that will enhance your appearance and make you feel proud and confident but which will slip discreetly into your handbag at the end of the evening. If mother nature has handed you a pair of fried eggs instead of the watermelons you had hoped for, the paradox is that many people will be more turned on by the clear invitation 'play with these' than yet another pair of huge bouncing hooters.