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Bouncing or Pointless Email Page

I have lost count of the number of people who send me emails demanding a password to this site and who can't be bothered to give even the briefest of information about whom they are or why they want the password. If you can't be bothered to put in any effort, why should I? So you will have been ignored and that is the most likely reason why a request received no response. Repeating an empty request is guranteeed to get a repeat of the non-response also.

From time to time I get 'bounces', i.e. invalid email addresses when I try to reply to people who have contacted me. If you haven't heard from me and one the names below looks like yours, use the contact formand try again.

For obvious reasons the full address of the person concerned isn't given, mostly I will just list enough to identify you so if your full address is I'll list it as kinkybeast. Typical examples include confusing say or with or failing to provide the part.

The current bounces are:

  • moon_in_april - Evie, who contacted me but seems not to be receiving replies