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About Doug

Biographical Details

I'm a mature male with a vast amount of experience. I have had a long interest in and fascination for many aspects of unusual, aberrant and just plain perverted human behaviour, with the main focus revolving around themes of control, domination, behavioural modification, public and private humiliation and mastery of women (and sometimes men). In earlier years my concentration was mostly on Bondage and Domination, and in particular Sado-Masochism. I am not part of the `scene' - though I was once - mostly because I'm not so shallow or one-dimensional as to think that there is nothing else to life. As I have gotten older I have developed a wider range of interests outside of this area, but nonetheless, I retain my love of training women who love to serve. All the better if they are into verbal and physical degradation, humiliation and discipline or exhibitionism.

I first got involved when I met a slightly dominant older woman who had numerous contacts into the BDSM and swinger scenes in the UK. Though she was twice my age it didn't take me long to realise that she and I shared nearly all of our interests. We stopped seeing each other when I went on to University and branched out for myself, finding that I much preferred the dominant rôle.

In the years that have intervened I've had many different experiences and relationships. The common theme is an interest in control, particularly mental control, though usually expressed through physical training. Of course this can have so many different forms of epxression that it's difficult to categorise it - in fact I prefer not to - as 'BDSM' but that's often a simple shorthand for what I enjoy. It doesn't go far enough though; as just one example it misses my interest in transforming intelligent women into obedient bimbos.

I live in the UK, based mostly in the London area. My job involves a lot of international travel. I have an occasional sideline where I amuse myself by providing above-board straight male escort services to female visitors to the UK.

I'm bright - highly intelligent - and I don't suffer fools gladly. I like to take control. I am not in a hurry to meet new partners and I am relatively choosy about who I play with. That said, if you have something different, interesting or entertaining to offer, I welcome contacts from people who share my interests, men and women alike.

I like to take my time getting to know the person I'm training. The mental aspects are usually much more important to me than the purely physical aspects and with some partners it has been mostly based around ideas rather than actions. I don't do this purely for quick sexual gratification, it's a subject that excites, intrigues, interests and inspires me. Sexual use, abuse and humiliation can all play their part in a relationship of course, but it's a only a single aspect of a complex and fascinating topic. I like slutty/whorish/bimbo outfits, sex in public, blatant exhibitionism, flashing, fetishwear and most things in between, but most of all I relish taking control and providing direction.

I have a small and select number of regular disciples whom I meet. Some are in positions of power and responsibility, finding it hard to obtain an outlet for their darker urges and unable to make their interests public for fear of putting career or family at risk. Others simply need to obtain release from inner tensions and meet me from time to time when they find that they need to. The ages range from 18 to 47 - I have no preconceptions about what I want other than that the girl is driven to undergo the kinds of treatments described on the pages of this site.

My training methods inevitably involve regular face-to-face meetings but will also often mix in email, messenger and phone contacts with tasks and reporting in between the real-life sessions. This page isn't the place to discuss the details of the methods, other pages on the site will reveal how I work as the volume and detail of the contents grows.

And no, the photo isn't me. My face is well enough known that putting on this site would be unwise from a professional perspective. If I get to know you, I'll be happy to let you see the real me later. For those who insist (and if the picture at the top of the page doesn't suffice), here instead are the usual obligatory lower-half shots instead. You can see some of the girls I have worked with in the past on the playmates page.


Pleasing her Master


My current interest is in regular meetings with my small group of long-term friends. As I've said above, they typically need a way of managing their desires for my special form of treatment alongside their other commitments to life and their domestic arrangments. They are are almost equally split between those married to vanilla relationships and married to their jobs or other interests. To be able to release the tensions that build up in that circumstance can be a crucial element in keeping them happy stable and sane. Some like to strut in public, dressing like sluts whilst others need much more to be highly discreet. Browsing around this site you will find a lot which describes what I will do with them in abstract. A more concrete example of the typical session would be something along the following lines.

Usually we meet in a public but discreet place. She will be dressed suitably for the occasion if possible but where caution is required I will ask her to dress conservatively in a business suit with high heels, stockings and a white blouse that clings to her breasts. Ideally her bra will be visible underneath the blouse, since that is unlikely to occasion comment anywhere nowadays. We will meet for smalltalk first of all over a glass of wine or a coffee. She knows that she should sit with her legs parted, trying to offer an invitation of what lies between them, though not enough to be blatant to most who observe us. She also knows that her breasts should be pushed in my direction as another form of invitation. Good readers of body language will know what is happening but most people are not able to tell. After the first drink she will know what happens next - she is to leave for the toilets, remove her bra and panties, then come back to the table and hand them to me either overtly (if she is brave enough) or discreetly if she is not. She will be aroused by the embarrassment and excitement of going there, watched by others, with her bra showing and then returning with it obviously removed. More flirting will then occur before we leave together.

Just before entering the room where she will give herself to me, I will demand that she bares her breasts. This is not excessively overt in, say, a hotel corridor, or on the porch of a private residence. She knows that whilst she is mine her naked breasts will very visibly carry the message that she has given herself totally to me.

When we are in private she also knows to remove her skirt and that from that point on she becomes my slave, with no say in what I do with her or how she will be obliged to serve. The initial ritual is for her to lie back with her legs parted, her pussy on display. She must masturbate to make herself wet. A fundamental part of the ritual is that there will be no physical contact between us until she is ready to accept my cock when I enter her, making it utterly incontrovetible that she is simply a slut for fucking and service. From that point on she is owned and will be obliged to keep herself ready for any use and maintain a suitable display of herself whe she isn't being used for practical purposes. She can relax and enjoy herself in the freedom of knowing that for once she has no responsibility other than to be three holes and a pair of tits for use for pleasure.

During the evening and night she'll be used in the way that suits her personality best. Maybe that will be bondage, beating, torture, or simply use an an unrestrained fuck-and-suckslut. She might be humiliated, forced to serve as a maid, be a toilet or a party piece for a group of my friends. That will have been agreed long ago and it will be what she wants to feel free and able to flower.

When the morning comes and she is to return home, her breasts remain uncovered until we go back into public. Some girls find this the most difficult part, only being allowed to button-up again outside (and still without a bra) but for me it's an important part of reinforcing her status .. and it's always a source of some residual sexual excitement. Think you are ready for that girls? Maybe your turn will come!

On the receiving end

A long-term friend (who must remain nameless) finally wrote this for me after some prompting. It lets you know how she thought and felt the first time we met.
I have been seeing Doug part-time for three years now. He asked me to describe our first meeting for his website and I have finally gotten around to writing it down for him. It has been fun remembering what we did and how I felt. Thinking about it has been exciting, like it was happening over again and now I'm hot and blushing.

I guess I should say where I am coming from with all this so it fits together.

I am 37 years old with an Ivy League education in business and finance. I did all the usual stuff that my folks expected after graduation and worked up to a well-paid management job in a multinational quicker than I expected. I'm not complaining! Now I have my own team, I travel a lot and have no money worries. At 29 I married my boyfriend and all my friends expected it to be a long-term all-lived-happily-ever-after-fairytale. I could have become a suburban Mom but marriage didn't work out for me, he wanted kids and me to leave my job and I didn't want to do that under any conditions.

Our sex life didn't work out for either of us. Right from when I was a kid I had a compulsion towards a different kind of sex. I used to watch B movies where the heroine was captured by the bad guys and put in danger and I got a real longing to be her. I never understood why the good guys were so hell-bent on rescuing her when she must be having such a good time. I'm exaggerating a tad but I kept wondering what it must be like to be in someone else's power and it excited me.

The boys my own age didn't appeal to me and although I dated and petted a bit so I didn't stand out as too much of a virginal nerd in high school, I got a reputation as an ice-queen with the boys because they never got further than a hand inside my top. When I left home to study I met up with a nice guy who I married later and he was my first lover. I think I knew that if I let myself go with some of the dangerous men I met I'd end up in a gangbang with the football team and my self-control stopped me. It was costing a lot to study and I didn't want to throw that away by going crazy.

When I was married I'd find myself fantasizing during sex that instead of a decent guy who cared about giving me an orgasm I was with a bunch of rapists who tied me to the bed and took turns on my body not giving a shit about anyone but themselves, calling me names and making me do the things I saw in the Internet porn I had discovered.

Divorce came and went and I threw myself into my job. At home I'd lie in the bath with scented oils rubbing myself and dreaming about dirty, crude, submissive sex. I downloaded a vast amount of pictures and stories and videos and kept dreaming about what it would be like. I found Doug's site and discovered the sex-slut Bimbo concept for the first time and couldn't resist buying some revealing outfits like the ones I saw there. I never wore them to work but sometimes would dress cheap and head for a downtown mall and enjoy being looked at though I always ignored the guys who hit on me.

Doug's website has a contact page and I filled it in maybe 20 times before I finally got the nerve to write him. I didn't hear anything for around two weeks and figured that he didn't want to reply then suddenly one day I got a reply. Out of that we started corresponding by email and later Yahoo messenger. Doug seemed to understand a lot about how I felt and it was good to be able to talk about things with someone I didn't think I would ever meet. We had some misunderstandings too and once I sulked for a month but I could never resist writing again when I cooled down.

When I told Doug that I was visiting London on business he told me to meet him. I laughed but was hooked and after a while I agreed. We fixed a date and a time and then quicker than I expected it was that day.

You can't imagine my nerves as I got ready. I showered maybe three times and then got out my slut clothes. I put on a tiny skirt - way shorter than I ever wear for work, stockings and a pvc garter belt which made me feel SO trashy, a pushup plunge bra and a black chiffon top that I got from an online catalog. I looked in the mirror and gasped, a hooker was looking back at me. I didn't dare walk out of the hotel showing all that and put on a calf-length black coat to cover it. Tottering around on my heels I called a cab and headed for the wine bar.

I got out of the cab and so nearly went back into it but then I remembered that I've never backed out of anything in my life and stepped out the best I could. I recognised Doug from his picture and went up and said Hi. Doug has a great way of looking into your eyes and his voice - oh, I love that accent - made me feel warm and soft and gradually I felt myself falling under a kind of spell. He's smart too and I'm a sucker for smart guys. I guess he'll spank me for saying that he's not what I'd call handsome but anyhow I found I was just listening to what he said and agreeing with him and starting to feel comfortable sitting there, looking like a whore meeting a John.

We had a drink then headed for a place nearby, a downstairs bar with alcoves all over the place where you can sit and be hidden from every one else. Doug had me sit with my back to the room, facing him and I think we were the only customers right then. Doug's voice was washing over me and though I have NEVER ever done anything like that before, it felt almost natural when he moved his hands and started to touch my breasts as he talked. He said I'd feel much better if I took off my bra and half of me watched in amazement as the other half went to the bathroom and came back bra-less. We talked some more. I was half wanting more, half thinking 'No, you cannot be doing this!'

Doug unbuttoned the front of my top and opened it. I was sitting in a bar talking to a guy I had only just met, my tits were uncovered and I was letting him do this. I knew I shouldn't but I just wanted more.

He tugged on my nipples a while and they got so hard and pointy and then WOW! He had taken out of his pocket some screw nipple clamps and slipped them on to me. I'd never felt anything like it before. He whispered something in my ear and then tightened them. OMG. There was a sudden rush of pain in each nipple and it felt for all the world like both breasts had a flame inside them, a flush of warmth that spread throught my body and an amazing flash of lightning that darted straight from each nipple to my pussy. I felt as if I had peed myself I got so wet. It's hard to describe how the sudden pain (and it hurts like hell) makes me feel so wet and horny too. Why are pain and being horny all so mingled together in my mind?

He buttoned me up and left the clamps on me. He called a cab and I followed him like a puppy. He took me back to his place and my heart skipped a jump when he tied my hands behind my back and made me pose for him showing my body and letting his hands run all over me. The rest gets like a blur. I know I was spanked, filled with dildos and plugs and fucked over and over. We must have been together four or five hours before I found myself coming back to reality and realising that I had to get dressed and get back to my hotel to prepare for work in the morning. It wasn't easy to sit at work the next days, I was sore and bruised and wet - still wet - for nearly a week.

Since then there have been two personalities inside of me. I am still Ms uptight, smart and sassy businesswoman with a career and a good income. All it takes is a word a touch or an email saying 'come to London slut' and the professional businesswoman turns into the eager wet cocksucker. We have explored territory I never imagined going before. My friends and colleagues would be amazed to see the ice queen tied up being spanked. It's still unbelievable to me that when Doug tells me I have to drink his pee I kneel in in front of him and open my mouth and though it tastes nasty I WANT to do it and I am proud when I swallow. I want to do it NOW!

You can reach me through the contact form if you wish.