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The Doug Adams kink, fetish, BDSM and bimbo slut pages

Content rated by ICRA to protect children

A limited but growing collection of favourite outfits with links to commercial suppliers. Sometimes as supplier catalogues change the links become out of date, in which case, just treat this as eye-candy!

Models who will pose in their own outfits are also welcome to submit links or arrange a photo shoot with me.

Click on the image for a full-screen version including a link to the supplier.

Lovely panties, perfect for when you need to be on show but don't want to be under dressed

Nice panties and top

A girl can't have too many see-through panties

Nice outfit for drawing attention - very understated and discreet

Good public humiliation material

Ideal for outings with transparent panties underneath

This kind of top should be worn with pumped or stretched nipples

When those boobs just have to be on show

Ready to party

Demure but horny

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Models for my galleries are always welcome. If you are interested in posing for this or other galleries, mail me to discuss the options, whether you want to start a portfolio for a career in this line of work or simply get a few photos for private use (they don't have to be published here). Amateur, semi-pro or pro models are welcome to make contact.

If you are planning on visiting or traveling through London and what you see on this site interests you, mail me too. Whether in public or for discreet private discussions, I may be able to make myself available.